The Good Place S01E12 "Mindy St. Claire" Recap

Eleanor, Jason, and Janet arrive at the "Medium Place" where they meet its one and only resident, Mindy St. Claire. She was an attorney in the 1980's and lived a selfish life with an excessive consumption of cocaine. But just prior to her death, various actions she took resulted in a massive global charity being formed that helped so many that she received a giant boost in her points. As a result, the Medium Place was formed where she can live a generically average life. Nothing is incredible or spectacular, but nothing is painful or torturous.

Shawn is moving ahead with his trial of both Eleanor and Jason, regardless of their escape and not being present for the proceedings. Chidi, Tahani, Michael, and the other Eleanor all make statements to try to help Eleanor stay in the Good Place. Ultimately, Shawn rules against both Eleanor and Jason. He goes on to state that if they don't return to be shipped off to the Bad Place, then Chidi and Tahani will be sent in their place.

Eleanor learns of this ruling and the fact that Chidi and Tahani will be made to suffer in their place so she forces Jason and Janet to return with her to the Good Place to spare them from a fate they don't deserve.

In a series of flashbacks into Eleanor's life, the full extent of her death-events are shown, along with her deciding to become an emancipated minor to escape her reckless, irresponsible parents, along with miscellaneous other moments.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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