The Good Place S02E01 "Everything Is Great!" (Part 1) Recap

As all of the humans have had their memories erased to reset their time in Michael's pretend Good Place, a few minor adjustments have been made. Eleanor is not assigned Chidi as her soulmate so she doesn't know who he is. Michael is under tremendous pressure to make this assignment succeed under the threat of Shawn 'retiring' him upon it's failure.

Chidi's new torturous circumstances are that he is told that there are two potential soulmate matches he has, while another man is also stuck in this precarious lovesquare. He spends time with both women over dinner (with the man) and determines he has more in common with Angelique. But just after he's expressed that there is more of a connection with her, Michael arrives and says that the machine has finally been able to calculate that his true soul mate is Pevita, with whom he had little in common.

Tahani is assigned a soulmate named Tomas, who is significantly shorter than her and also has an unrefined taste compared to her more posh standards. They've also been assigned to an extremely small home that is even smaller than the home Eleanor is in.

Michael intends for Eleanor to get drunk at the welcome party and make a scene just like she did in the first simulation but instead it is Tahani who does these things since she is so dissatisfied with her circumstances and Eleanor is more preoccupied with trying to find Chidi due to the note Janet had given her.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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