The Good Place S02E02 "Everything Is Great!" (Part 2) Recap

Jason is still brought into the Good Place under the guise of him being the monk 'Jianyu' and he maintain this facade to the best of his ability. But this time his assigned soulmate is Luang, who is also a monk and the two are supposed to be spiritual companions who have their monk philosophies and spirituality in common. Luang stays with Jason always and copies everything he does. Jason grows increasingly bored and restless, and tries to escape Luang whenever he can find a way. Jason also meets Janet, who is nice to him as always, and he quickly becomes attached to her.

Vicky, the demon whom had formerly portrayed the role of "Real Eleanor" is upset with Michael for only giving her a minor role in the new Good Place as the pizza parlor owner named Denise. She tries to convince Michael to allow her to take on a more significant role in the ongoing plots.

Eleanor confronts Chidi about the note she received telling her to find him, saying that the note is in her own handwriting even though she doesn't remember ever writing it. Chidi checks the paper and determines that it is a page from a book he has in his library, leading him to suspect that they've met before despite not having any memories of this. Eleanor and Chidi go back to her place where she admits that she doesn't really belong in the Good Place, echoing the events of their first time through the simulation. Michael, Janet, Tahani, and Jason then arrive at Eleanor's house along with their soulmates. Once Tahani and Jason openly complain about their circumstances in the Good Place, Eleanor has a revelation again that they are not actually in the Good Place, but the Bad Place. She also reveals the note she had written to herself.

Michael ultimately decides to reboot the Good Place after taking back the note Eleanor wrote. However, he hides these actions and the failure from which they stemmed, since Shawn had forbidden him from anything past a second attempt.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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