Wynonna Earp S03E04 "No Cure For Crazy" Recap

Wynonna and Doc chase after a revenant involved in the theft of Dolls' drugs. A tree seems to jump out in the revenant's path to stop him from getting away. Wynonna and Doc catch up to him but when Wynonna tries to shoot him, Peacemaker doesn't work and she's unable to shoot him dead. Meanwhile, a random park ranger is walking through the snowy woods and comes across a tree that's bleeding. He runs away frightened and the audience is able to see the face of a person from inside cracks on the tree's bark.

Waverly and Nicole are walking through the woods when they see a plaque in memoriam of the 'fire' that was actually the massacre Nicole survived. They know that Black Badge was responsible for covering up the incident but any further discussion is put on pause when the park ranger comes running up. His name is Robin and Waverly knows him. They decide to bring him back to the station where Jeremy is working with them on the investigation into the old massacre. Wynonna and Doc also arrive with the Revenant and are trying to find a way to kill him. They look for some bullets that can be used to re-fuel but there aren't any left, and their access to Black Badge has dried up.

Doc decides to look for some more ammo at the bar with Wynonna. Things are made awkward when they find an old baby crib Doc had made for the baby before they had to give it up. Wynonna also offers to take Waverly to visit their mother, whom Wynonna claims is doing better. But cut to Mama Earp and she's shown to be in a padded cell writing a message with blood on the walls using blood from her cellmate.

Flashback to seven years ago and Wynonna is visiting her mother at the Ghost River Institute. Mama makes her promise not to tell Waverly and when Wynonna gets angry, Mama tells her to never come back.

In the present, Doc tells Wynonna she doesn't have her mother's flaws and the two kiss before being interrupted by Nicole. Nicole tells Wynonna to visit Nedley, while Doc finally manages to find some bullets. Back at the station, Wavery introduces Jeremy to Robin, hoping that the two will hit it off. When she leaves the room, she gets a call from the Institute about her mother and when she goes to visit her, Mama is horrified to see her there and begins panicking until a guard uses a taser to subdue her. As Mama is dragged away, she is heard muttering about needing to kill a demon.

Wynonna arrives at the station and explains that she is having trouble explaining to a financial person about everything that's been going on in their department. He's had to cover it up since there are many supernatural aspects to their cases. Wynonna's concentration is interrupted when she sees Waverly back at the station, visibly upset. Waverly tearfully tells Wynonna how she visited Mama and she tried to kill Waverly. Wynonna is furious and walks out, likely to confront Mama.

Jeremy and Robin are in the woods searching for the bleeding tree but quickly become lost, though not without finding time to flirt. They discover a mysterious stone staircase, which Jeremy warns Robin not to approach. He decides to call Doc for help.

Wynonna goes to the Institute to confront Mama about threatening Waverly. Mama apologises but steals Peacemaker before she can be transferred and steals one of the guard's gun before leaving, seemingly intent on killing Waverly whom she believes to be a demon. The institute leader orders the guards to take Waverly captive, saying that she is a convict that had a firearm and should be treated as an accomplice to her mother's escape.

Back at the station, Waverly learns from the sheriff that the reason why Mama was put away was because she tried to burn the barn down with Waverly inside.

Doc makes it to the woods and is trying to find Jeremy and Robin but is distracted by the sound of a baby crying. He is then confronted by Bulshar, who offers him the opportunity to do his bidding in exchange for various perks but Jeremy finds him first. Doc is disoriented by the encounter but doesn't say anything more about what he experienced.

Back at the Institute, Wynonna learns that the guards plan to kill her and Waverly and will frame Mama for it. The reason? They're all revenants. One of the guards prepares to take Wynonna to her death. Wynonna points out that regardless of whether she dies, the Earp bloodline will continue because she had a baby. This causes the revenant to pause and Wynonna takes the opportunity to attack and behead him, after which she escapes.

After Doc brings Jeremy and Robin back to the station, the pair review the photos they took from the woods. However, there isn't any trace of anything except mist, with no staircase to be seen whatsoever. At the end of it, they decide to go on a date. But unbeknownst to Jeremy, Robin is coughing up some blood. The cause is currently unknown. When Robin returns home, he finds plants there that hadn't been there before. He is then dragged off by some sentient tree branches.

Waverly listens to some audio tapes from Mama's sessions. Doc arrives wanting whiskey so Waverly decides to go out and retrieve some from the barn. Doc hears a third voice from the tapes and panics but Nicole doesn't know what he's talking about. Waverly encounters Mama in the barn, drawing symbols and lighting candles. Mama says the demon has come for her and when Waverly turns around she sees a creepy woman waiting for her.

Wynonna arrives home and finds Nicole, Waverly, and Doc sitting at the table eating baked goods and acting in a Stepford-Wife-like cheeriness. They tell her Mama attacked but they've now locked her in the barn till they can decide what to do with her. They introduce her to Jolene, whom has been feeding them. Wynonna is skeptical of Jolene until she force-feeds Wynonna a brownie, causing her to have the same cheeriness as the rest of the group.

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