Wynonna Earp S03E05 "Jolene" Recap

The group has all been taken over by the influence of a demon named Jolene. Waverly and Wynonna head to the barn where they're tying up Mama, who begs them to listen. While Wynonna goes back inside, Waverly decides to listen to her for one minute. Mama claims that a demon was trying to torment Waverly ever since she was 6. Mama was trying to perform an exorcism when the barn caught fire. The demons has been bound to her and torturing her ever since. When Waverly came to visit Mama, she broke the demon's bond with her and Mama escaped to save Waverly from the demon.

Doc arrives at the homestead and finds that Wynonna has taken up stress-cleaning. The warden is on the way to pick up Mama but Wynonna still seems worried about the demon Mama was talking about. Jolene attempts to sway Wynonna's concerns by pointing out all the years Mama spent in a mental institute. When Doc begins to be skeptical towards Jolene's existence, she feeds him a snickerdoodle and he is won back over to her side. Jolene declares she will go out to be the look-out for the demon and then Doc tells Wynonna that when he listened to the tapes of Mama's therapy session, he could three voices. Two were of Mama and her counsellor but the third may very well be the demon. But only Mama could hear the demon. Doc is able to hear it too because he had gone to hell when he briefly died previously. He agrees that Waverly is in danger.

Back in the barn, Waverly and Mama discuss the demon. Waverly then recalls seeing something in the mirror when she was in kindergarten. The creature had many teeth, offering some sort of legitimacy to Mama's claims about the demon.

When the revenant that Wynonna had previously beheaded at the institute arrives, Jolene offers him pie and reveals all the indiscretions she witnesses from him while they were at the institute. She tells him he won't ruin things for her and rips out his tongue.

Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc are helping Mama prepare to go back to the institute. Waverly tries to explain the relationship between Wynonna and Doc. It's awkward. Wynonna retaliates by pointing out Waverly is dating a cop. Waverly shares that her name is Nicole and Mama says she's open to talking about her later if they survive what's coming after them.

Jolene enters the barn and Mama stops being suspicious of her once Jolene feeds her some baked goods. However, Mama is still determined to get the demon. She wants to perform a summoning ritual at the family greenhouse that will rebind the demon to her. Mama later confronts Doc and tells him not to come, saying he is only bringing Wynonna down. Doc agrees with her and leaves.

Waverly asks Mama about her real father once they reach the greenhouse. Mama shares that his name was Julian and they met when she escaped from the Earp Homestead.

Nicole pulls Jolene over on the road and Nicole doesn't seem to recognise her until she feeds her more baked goods. Jolene then announces that she needs to get to the Earps at the greenhouse. Nicole is surprised, having been left out of the planning regarding the greenhouse, a detail which Jolene uses to manipulate Nicole's emotions. Jolene then says she needs Waverly to finish plan since she can't physically harm Waverly herself. Nicole seems disoriented and doesn't fully absorb what Jolene is saying.

Back at the greenhouse, the Warden stumbles in but can't say anything because of his lack of a tongue. Wynonna, Waverly and Mama believe he is the demon they're after and believe their ordeal is finished after Wynonna kills him with Peacemaker. Waverly hears a voice calling her outside. It's Jolene and she's stuck in a trap that Mama set. Jolene pulls Waverly into the trap and Waverly is able to see Jolene's true form. Waverly screams for help and hits Jolene with the butt of her gun, which pushes Jolene out of the trap in the process. When Wynonna and Mama come out to see what the commotion is, they're appalled by what Waverly has done to Jolene.

Mama and Wynonna celebrate at the bar while Jolene serves more treats. Waverly arrives and attempts to apologise to Jolene. At the bar, Mama is confused about how a revenant could be in her head and physically trapped in the prison at the same time. Jolene tries to feed her a treat but Mama rejects it. Wynonna begins to be suspicious too that something is off. Jolene distracts their attentions by pointing out that Doc's wife is now living in the bar. Wynonna is shocked by this revelation and gets into a fight with Waverly because Jolene reveals that Waverly knew about this but didn't tell her.

Doc visits Bobo at the well and Bobo is still coherent. He wants to see Waverly and in exchange he will help Doc deal with Bulshar. Doc seems to agree to think about it.

When Doc is back at the bar, he and Wynonna get into an argument, as do Nicole and Waverly when she sees Nicole flirting with Jolene. The arguments spread until a full brawl breaks out. After things calm down, Wynonna and Mama are put into a holding cell at the police station till they can sober up. Jolene had dropped off some baked goods for them but they aren't given access to eat them.

Kate talks to Jolene at the bar and tells her she owes a debt of fealty to someone that is coming to collect. But Jolene is more confident than ever.

Doc finds Waverly crying and asks about Bulshar's ring. Waverly directs him to Nicole but he opts to ask her why she's upset first. Waverly wonders if all the ongoing conflicts are her fault and if she is the real demon. After Doc eats a cookie, he says the theory makes sense.

Jolene finds Nicole and tries to hit on her but Nicole rejects her advances. Jolene is furious and attacks Nicole, who finds Bulshar's ring. Jolene tries to pick it up but gets burned by it. She is horrified to learn that Bulshar has returned and throws Nicole into a closet before leaving.

Back at the station, Wynonna apologises to Mama for not believing her for all these years of her saying there was a demon on the loose. She admits to having done something similar to save her own daughter, a decision which Mama affirms. Mama and Wynonna both believe there is still a demon on the hunt for Waverly and shout at Sheriff Nedley to let them out. He arrives and they say that they need to stop the demon hunting Waverly and that only Jolene is protecting her. When Nedley doesn't know who Jolene is and asks them basic questions about her that they're unable to answer, they realise that Jolene is the demon.

Waverly returns to the greenhouse and is confronted by Jolene, who goads her towards attempting suicide. Jolene explains that they were born at precisely the same moment. As Waverly arrived out of the light, Jolene emerged from the dark which resulted in Jolene being shunned and alone. Now Waverly is her equal because no one loves her. But Waverly is able to fight through Jolene's manipulations, saying that Wynonna and Nicole love her no matter what, so she won't give up on them either. She fights Jolene, who claims that Waverly can't kill her without also killing herself. But right on cue, Waverly arrives with Peacemaker. She shoots Jolene, who runs off afterward. Mama then confronts Jolene and a tree begins to wrap its branches around her. Bulshar is collecting on his debt. Jolene desperately tries to claim that Waverly was supposed to be for him but he takes Jolene anyway.

Nicole and Waverly make up, while Doc goes into the woods with Bulshar's ring to taunt him, saying he won't be helping him with anything. Finally, Wynonna visits Bobo at the well. She announces that Waverly won't be going, and Bobo decides to reveal that Waverly's father was an actual angel from Heaven.

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