Wynonna Earp S03E06 "If We Make It Through December" Recap

It's Christmas at the Earp household and everyone is embracing the holiday spirit. Michelle is decorating the Christmas tree while Nicole shows Waverly her elf costume. Doc delivers another Christmas tree but Michelle send him away, still harboring a grudge over his secrecy with having been married to vampire-Kate.

Sheriff Nedley is dressing up as Santa Claus for a local festival. A child attending runs off in pursuit of a man in red whom he believes to be the real Santa Claus. Commence the screaming -- there's a new foe to defeat!

Wynonna finally reveals what she has learned from Bobo; Waverly's father is an angel. Michelle is reluctant to tell the story when it's the holidays but she begrudgingly shares with Waverly that her father's name is Julian. Michelle loved him but he disappeared the day Waverly was born. She never got around to searching for him since she was preoccupied with being a mother to her daughters and fighting off the demon that was hunting Waverly. Waverly doesn't feel like an angel and Wynonna admits it's possible that Bobo was lying. Michelle is surprised to learn that Bobo is still alive and shares that he was present when Waverly was born. Wynonna is called in to help with the search for the missing child from the holiday festival and leaves Waverly to speak more with Michelle, who no longer wants to speak about the past.

Doc brings the tree that Michelle sent him away with over to the station. Jeremy is less than friendly with him, as Robin never called him after their date and he's been in low spirits ever since. Doc coaches him to pursue what he wants and Jeremy decides to call Robin himself. But his phone is shown to be ringing in a bowl at some unknown, insidious facility where the sounds of torture victims screaming can be heard. The boy who was kidnapped earlier is at this facility and gets put into a cage with Robin after being announced as someone on the naughty list.

Waverly visit Bobo at the well and threatens him with a shotgun, demanding to know whatever information he is keeping secret about her birth. He shares how he went to the Gibson greenhouse and went inside when he heard screaming. Michelle was inside right after Waverly's birth. She passes out from blood loss but not before giving Waverly to Bobo to keep safe. Bobo brought the baby to Michelle's husband, Ward, who held a gun at them since he knew the baby didn't belong to him. But Bobo used his powers to take the gun and threatened to kill Ward if he dared to hurt Waverly. Waverly wants to know whatever it is that Bobo is leaving out of the story, since it can't be a coincidence that Bobo was around the day her father went missing. Bobo hints that he knows more but won't give up the goods until he is let out of the well. Waverly merely shuts the well back up and leaves to process the information.

Nicole is at the festival attempting to collect witness statements. Nedley is wracked with guilt over not having been able to prevent the kidnapping. Nicole points Wynonna in the direction of the kidnapping. Wynonna meets an officer from fire services named Charlie who is also looking for clues. There's a lot of blood but it's too much to be from just a missing child. Wynonna theorizes that someone is attempting to stage a false murder so that law enforcement won't search for the boy. A falling tree branch nearly hits Wynonna but Charlie pulls her out of the way. Wynonna then brings Charlie back to meet the rest of the team at the station. She has a sample of the blood for Jeremy to test. The boy, Tim, comes from a family with an extensive history entangled in Purgatory so the running theory is that Bulshar is being this kidnapping. Explaining Bulshar's identity to Charlie proves difficult, but Jeremy's mood is significantly improved upon realizing that Robin's family also has a long history in Purgatory so Robin might not be ghosting him after all.

Wynonna and Doc go to ask his wife Kate about why Bulshar would be targeting first families. It turns out that Bulshar had ordered the vampire clan to separate the descendent of first families from others but they were not to be killed. The motive however, remains a mystery. Doc is protective of Kate when Wynonna is suspicious of her, since he thinks Kate was an innocent victim pulled into being a vampire. But Kate points out that she was already a vampire when they first met. She told him repeatedly but he was often high on opium and thought these admissions were part of some salacious role-playing games. After Doc got sick, Kate left to return to the other vampires because she couldn't bear to watch him die. Wynonna leaves angry at the clear connection between Doc and Kate. Doc follows her back to the station and pushes her to see that their connection is deeper than what he had with Kate. Wynonna kisses him momentarily before pulling away once more. Doc wants to continue their romantic relationship but Wynonna wants to resume work on the case.

Nicole and Charlie follow a lead back into the woods in search of Tim. Nicole discovers a pile of petals in the snow and Charlie snaps a photo. Back at the facility, a man is forced into a chair and Bulshar taunts Tim and Robin to watch this man die just as their ancestors watched Bulshar die. Bulshar pours green goo into the funnel that covers the man and Robin covers Tim's eyes.

The petals Nicole found are not native to the area they were found but they can be used to cover noxious fumes that can be produced from a factory. The blood sample Wynonna had brought back is also found to be pig's blood, not a young boy's. The team then searches for the facility that Bulshar could be keeping his victims.

Bulshar is taunting Tim at the facility, since Tim's ancestors helped Wyatt Earp ambush him. Bulshar is prepared to kill Tim but Robin jumps in to offer himself up to go next. Ever the good guy, he attempts to reassure Tim even as Bulshar straps him into a chair.

Charlie meets Wynonna at the facility she believes is Bulshar's lair. She tests him to make sure that he's not a demon. He helps her break in with the use of his fire equipment and find all the kidnapping victims. Although Bulshar gets away, Wynonna kills several revenants while Charlies frees the prisoners from their cells. Everyone is brought back to the station and the victims are reunited with their loved ones. Robin and Jeremy share a kiss, as Robin assures him he wouldn't have ghosted him were it not for the kidnapping. Charlie and Wynonna also strike up a flirtation.

Nicole visiting Nedley in his office. He is still distraught over not being able to stop Tim's kidnapping. He then drops a major revelation; he will be retiring and Nicole will be the new sheriff of Purgatory.

Team Earp gather for Christmas dinner. Doc questions Wynonna over how she didn't call him when she found Bulshar's facility. She says that Charlie was there and everything was fine. Doc seems to get the message loud and clear that things are over between them, romantically speaking anyway. Doc leaves after the group shares a toast. Waverly tells Wynonna to go after him but Michelle discourages this until after dinner. The pair are washing dishes and Michelle then says Wynonna should go after Doc but Wynonna points out that he is still married to a vampire. Wynonna also believes she doesn't deserve him. Michelle assures Wynonna of her worth, and doesn't want her to settle for anything less after all that Michelle herself went through. Wynonna says they can find Julian if that's something Michelle wants to do.

Wynonna leaves but goes off in search of Charlie. He is surprisingly calm about all the supernatural revelations he has experienced since helping Wynonna out. They share a kiss and Wynonna says she doesn't want anything with strings. He is more than happy to jump on board.

Michelle visits Bobo in the well and demands to know where Julian is. She has even brought a rope to get him out of the well in exchange for what he knows.

Finally, Doc visits Kate who was attacked by Bulshar's followers who had come to collect fealty. She was able to fight them off but not without picking up a few injuries. Kate reminds Doc that she needs him and he agrees to help her any way she can. He even agrees to let Kate turn him into a vampire. She bites him and his eyes shift to a glowing colour, suggesting a rapid change.

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