Castle Rock S01E08 "Past Perfect" Recap

Molly finalises her sale of Lacy's house. The new owners, married couple Gordon and Lilith, have their own sordid history that's eerily unveiled. Gordon has one hell of a murderous streak that will only escalate as the episode unfolds. They moved to Castle Rock after Lilith had an affarid with one of Gordon's co-workers, whom Gordon viciously confronted and attacked for this. They decide to turn their new house into a bed and breakfast, but Gordon ends up violently murdering the first couple that books with them. The couple had been having affairs on their respective spouses and Gordon grew increasingly disturbed late at night upon hearing them making love. Lilith walks in after the deed is done, horrified by the gruesome scene.

On that same night, Molly sense through her connection to Henry that something is wrong. She drives out into the woods and frees him from the locked sensory depravation chamber hidden in Odin's camper. They escape the forest without ever discovering Odin's murdered corpse. Molly wonders if she is crazy but Henry assures her she isn't.

Henry returns home and finds his mother sleeping in bed. Upon entering the kitchen he finds The Kid at the sink. Henry wants to know where his son Wendell is, and Wendell returns just then. He seems surprised to see The Kid is still there and Henry tells his son to go upstairs and lock the door. The Kid walks outside and Henry follows him out to the shed where Alan's dead body is still lying in a pool of blood. The Kid informs Henry of Ruth's accidentally killing him the previous night. The Kid proposes that they hide the body in order to protect Ruth, horrifying Henry. Unbeknownst to either of them, Wendell calls the state police out of fear for the well-being of his loved ones. The Kid points out that Henry can hear "them" now. The Kid speaks cryptically about waiting for Henry for 27 years, and having rescued him from "that basement" and not having asked for any of this. The Kid escapes through a back door of the shed, leaving Henry to deal with the police. The Kid becomes the main suspect in Alan's murder.

Gordon dismembers the bodies of his victims while Lilith helps him to cover up his crimes, still determined to repair the state of her marriage. Henry later breaks into their home and discovers Lacy's drawings of The Kid, always the same age and appearance as he now appears despite drawings having dates on them from 27 years prior. Molly tries to call him, saying she will be coming over since she has an unsettling feeling and doesn't want to be alone right now.

Gordon and Lilith discover Henry and Lilith tries to attack and kill him with a knife, out of fear that he will lead to them being discovered for murdering their lodgers. In the ensuing struggle, Lilith accidentally stabs herself in the jugular and falls down the stairs, bleeding out to death. Henry runs outside and attempts to drive away but Gordon attacks him with a knife and forces him out of the car. Jackie Torrance arrives and saves Henry by killing Gordon with an axe.

While Henry must once again deal with local law enforcement, Molly arrives at his house and finds The Kid. He speaks to her, saying that Henry isn't ready yet but Molly can help The Kid, as he believes they know each other. He shares personal information about her to prove their connection, and goes on to say that he has seen her die in the woods.

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