Castle Rock S01E09 "Henry Deaver" Recap

Finally, after weeks of suspense and intrigue, the origins of The Kid are revealed. He is actually 'Henry Deaver' from an alternate timeline. This alternate universe from which he originates is explored, as well as the life he lived.

Henry lives a successful life in the city until Alan calls him home to Castle Rock. He is Ruth and Pastor Matthew's biological son, but this Ruth had followed through on her plan to leave Matthew back in 1991. She took Henry and fled to Boston where he grew up happy and healthy. Pastor Deaver was not murdered by a twelve-year-old Molly, but did find the twelve-year-old adopted black Henry who had gone missing in 1991 in the episode 1 reality.

Henry is called back to Alan because his father had committed suicide so Henry needed to go through his belongings. While doing so, he finds the young, black Henry from earlier in a cage. This black Henry had been found at a young age by the Pastor Deaver of this universe and white adult Henry and Molly learn more about the events that transpired because of the tapes that Pastor Deaver left behind. He hasn't aged since being found. Twenty-seven years have passed and yet he's still a twelve-year-old boy.

After some time, the deeper explanation is revealed. These various alternate universes all intersect in Castle Rock, and more specifically in the woods about a half-mile east of Castle Lake. Henry and Molly speak to the young black Henry, who shares that the voices he hears are calling him to the woods. When Molly touches his hand, she has a vision of the first twelve years of the Molly and Henry of the episode 1 reality.

Molly and white Henry/The Kid take adopted Henry/The Kid to the woods near Castle Lake where they begin to see visions of people from many centuries of different universes. The Molly of this universe is accidentally killed by a local law enforcement officer. In her dying breath she implores white Henry/The Kid to help the young Henry. He ends up following the young, adopted Henry to his own reality, after which he became The Kid of episodes 1-8.

This entire recap of events is told by The Kid to the 2018 Molly of the show's primary universe. He asks Molly if she believes him.

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