Castle Rock S01E10 "Romans" Recap

Molly shares with Henry all that she has lerned from The Kid about his origins as well as the various universes all intersecting with one another in Castle Rock. She seemingly believes him but Henry can't process much of this information since he and The Kid are arrested as suspects in the ever-increasing number of strange deaths.

The Kid and Henry are reunited in jail, as their cells are near enough for them to talk. The Kid says it makes sense that Henry doesn't remember what happened, since The Kid himself didn't remember everything after spending all that time in the cage. But once he returned to the Deaver home, things began to come back to him until he could make sense of it all. The Kid goes on to explain that they need to go together to Castle Lake before the sounds disappear, since the sounds are a sign that the realities are touching which will allow The Kid to return from when he came.

The most pressing reason that The Kid needs to return to his reality is because by being an anomaly to this universe, he causes all these strange deaths to occur. Even by being in the prison, his presence causes various Shawshank inmates to escalate their violence which results in the death of multiple officers and civilians at the Castle Rock jail.

In the mayhem, The Kid and Henry are able to escape from their cells. The Kid forces Henry at gunpoint to accompany him to Castle Lake. On the way there, Henry begins to recover his various lost memories, including the long-forgotten interaction with Pastor Deaver back in 1991. He had pushed Devaer off a cliff because he had been planning on killing Ruth. Henry manages to overpower The Kid, take the gun back and point it at him instead.

One year later, Henry is shown to be working as a lawyer in Castle Rock. It's Christmas time and he has moved into his childhood home. Wendell comes to visit and the two seem to have a better relationship now than once year prior. Ruth had died peacefully back in February, and was buried alongside Alan. Molly has achieved success as a real estate agent in the Florida Keys, finally breaking free of the baggage of Castle Rock. Henry is revealed to have put The Kid back into imprisonment in the now abandoned Shawshank prison. It's unclear whether he doesn't believe in the existence of the many realities or is simply choosing to ignore it.

In a mid-credits scene, Jackie Torrance tells a friend that she is making preparations to take a trip west in order to research her family's axe-killing history at the Overlook, which implies that season two will incorporate aspects of the famous novel, "The Shining".

Castle Rock is available for streaming on Hulu and will return for season two.


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