Charmed S01E02 "Let This Mother Out" Recap

When the witches confront Harry about being warned not to trust him he states that ouija boards are easily manipulated by evil spirits and so they shouldn't trust their messages. Meanwhile, a new threat emerges in the form of a "black blob" similar in appearance to a Venom symbiote that has attacked people and escaped from the university lab.

Maggie's power of reading minds is increasing in strength which makes her struggle to function normally around her peers, boyfriend, and people in general. Even hooking up with her boyfriend is difficult since she is increasingly distracted and thrown off by hearing his internal monologue Mel disregards Harry's warnings and uses the ouija board once again. Macy is horrified when she finds out and opts to destroy it. This further drives a rift between them.

The sisters have been working on a truth serum in order to determine whether Harry is lying and in turn whether he is someone they can trust. Macy is working on getting a particular ingredient for it when she learns about the black blob. But when the truth serum is finally formed, it's accidentally given to Niko instead of Harry and in turn she admits to Mel that she cheated on her with her ex-fiancee.

Maggie convinces her other sisters to work together so they can cast a spell that will free Marisol's spirit from the board. Once she emerges she tells them that Harry was the one to kill her and his true intentions are to steal their powers. They even knock Harry unconscious when she comes to the house. Maggie is somewhat suspicious of Marisol when she can't read her thoughts.

The sisters are instructed to use the Prism of Souls to trap Harry but Maggie is still concerned about using it. The sisters barely make it out before they get the Prism. When they return home they find Harry and Marisol fighting one another. Harry warns them that this isn't really their mother and that it's actually a demon who wants to use the Prism to steal their powers. Maggie continues to insist that this isn't really their mother and Mel finally believes her and stabs Marisol when she calls her her favourite, something their mother never would've actually done (play favourites). The demon then jumps up and tries to attack everyone. Mel freezes the demon and Harry says they need to expose the demon to it's true self. Maggie uses her phone to show the demon it's reflection and it is vanquished.

Harry decides to start training the girls in the ways of magic so they can better handle future demonic threats. He also says that the black blob is a form of the Harbinger, a demon that signals the beginning of the apocalypse. Meanwhile, the Harbinger has chosen a coma patient called Angela Wu to be it's humans host.

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