"Midnight, Texas" Season 2 Premiere Review (New York Comic Con)

The cast and crew of "Midnight, Texas" paid a visit to New York Comic Con for a special screening of the season two premiere episode, followed by a panel to discuss what just aired along with teasers of what's to come for this new batch of episodes. When last the viewers saw our beloved Midnight residents, all Hell had been about to break loose. But with the power of togetherness, love, and magical strength, the lead characters were able to stop Colconnar from taking over. But the manner in which these evils were defeated have consequences that quickly begin to reveal themselves in the season two premiere.

Manfred had allowed numerous nefarious spirits to possess him. Despite releasing them as part of a pact, there are lingering effects from allowing these demons into his body. Manfred is shown to be suffering from mysterious bouts of sleep-walking that may have ominous effects on those he cares about most in Midnight. When questioned about the selective re-dressing that Manfred displays (shoes but no shirts or pants) when sleepwalking, François Arnaud is a good sport about the matter.

"I'm sure there were like four production meetings about that," begins Arnaud. "It's not HBO so he has to keep the boxers. Do you have a problem with that? Should I have gone barefoot?"

Bobo and Fiji consummated their relationship and are now enjoying the more physical aspects of their relationship, as seen in the season two premiere with a bout of levitating-to-the-ceiling lovemaking. "That scene took like nine hours to shoot," says Dylan Bruce. Fiji is also revealed to be a dark witch, at least in the sense of the origins of her inherited magic.

"We're gonna see what Fiji comes from, her heritage, and how that will impact her life and the lives of the other Midnighters," says Parisa Fitz-Henley.

Lem had saved Olivia by feeding her some of his blood, which established a deeper psychological connection. There are some benefits to this, including Lem being able to anticipate all of Olivia's needs after a long day of work no matter how salacious they may be. But there are downsides to someone having a permanent access into your mind, regardless of if they are a loved one.

"Sometimes you can know a bit too much," says Peter Mensah.
"Clearly episode one, Olivia is enjoying this psychic connection and all of it's benefits," says Arielle Kebbel. "But very quickly it becomes very challenging. Not only is she married for the first time which is very difficult for an individual like her, she's an incredibly independent woman. It's very real because he can feel her every emotion, all of her thoughts, and how do you tell someone you love to back off when you've literally just married them? How do you know that this is forever because he's a vampire, until the day I die is this gonna be what we're dealing with? That'll really take a strain on a relationship."

There are also newcomers to the series, including Walker Chisum, an openly gay demon hunter who will have an intense connection with Joe.

"There's this really hot dude and we've been hanging out," jokes Jason Lewis. "He's a human badass and also living the life that [Joe] was made to live."

Kai and Patience Lucero are the married owners of the new resort being established in Midnight's once run-down hotel, that Manfred had previously seen spirits in the windows of during the season one finale.

"Obviously Manfred owes his life and the lives of his friends to Kai after the first episode. Kai's wife Patience is... let's just say Patience and Manfred form a bond through adversity. I won't say what kind of bond but Manfred is very good at making bad decisions," teases Arnaud.

With only ten episodes per season, the writers waste no time jumping into all of what's great about "Midnight, Texas" in the season two premiere. There's exciting magical ongoings, intriguing mysterious plot developments set to unfold over the course of the season, well-executed action sequences and choreography, and compelling heartfelt performances that resonate at the core of the viewer-adoration for the series and all it's lead characters. It also seamlessly incorporates comedic bits and dialogue without undermining the more serious threats looming in this small town. With so much to chew on after just one episode, we can't wait to see what lies ahead.

"Midnight, Texas" season two premieres on Friday, October 26 on NBC at 9/8c.

Watch the full "Midnight, Texas" New York Comic Con panel here:


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