New York Comic Con: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on Giant Display for "Skyscraper" VR Game

One of the many things to enjoy at large conventions such as New York Comic Con are the booths that offer new products for con attendees to enjoy, be it toys, clothing, or games. This year, a new VR experience was presented that modelled itself after the action-packed blockbuster "Skyscraper", starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

We had an opportunity to visit the booth and try out the experience ourselves. It all begins with the headpiece being strapped on and the controllers being placed in each hand. The voice of Dwayne, in character, rings through your ears to explain the set-up and what you must do. All the while, you're moving up the floors of a building via an elevator. Then once the doors open and you reach the rooftop of the building, you must rapidly swing your arms to get the player running at a fast enough speed to not only make it across the narrow walkway, but to jump off the end and into the next building over.

Though we didn't make it particularly far in the game, we're also not a frequent player of VR games, or just video games in general. Still, it was a fun experience and certainly worth checking out.


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