The Gifted S02E01 "eMergence" Recap

The members to the "Inner Circle" of the Hellfire Club have a discussion about recruiting Lorna Dane/Polaris and Andy Strucker to join. The elder leaders disapprove of Reeva Payne recruiting these new members so she uses her powers to kill them so she can be the new leader and is aided by the Stepford Cuckoos in the coup.

Six mothers later, the Mutant Underground are shown to be working hard to carry on their mission of saving mutants that are being hunted by Sentintinel Services. Marcos Diaz/Eclipse leads much of the action while Reed and Caitlin are mostly focused on finding Andy. Caitlin continues to use her medical training to help mutants injured in attacks.

The Inner Circle purchases a large munitions factory for the sole purpose of Lorna have a secure location to give birth to her baby. When experiencing sensations such as the baby kicking, her powers flair up with little ability to control them. It's unclear how intense an experience childbirth will be for her. Lorna remains suspicious of Reeva, having heard rumours of what actions she took to get to her position of power. Reeva assures her that she will be fine.

John and Clarice are happily coupled up. She expresses concern over the increasing intensity and borderline irrationality Marcos is displaying as the birth date of his child draws nearer. John promises to talk to Marcos to try to keep him focused and stable.

Reed and Caitlin grow concerned over the well-being of Lauren, who has ben greatly upset by the loss of Andy. She has a nightmare of sneaking out one day and reuniting with Andy, noting his changed hair and clothes before Andy grabs her hand and activates their destructive power. Despite her protests, he won't let go of her hand and tells her to stop fighting it. She informs her parents what she has dreamt but doesn't want to go to the location that she met Andy at in the dream.

Andy and Lorna have grown closer. She implores him to promise to put her baby first. Lorna is concerned that if anything goes wrong during the birth that Reeva will prioritise saving Lorna instead of her child. Andy is reluctant at first but Lorna reminds him that he is a von Strucker and has the ability to stop anyone and he agrees to make sure the child's well-being is the first priority.

Marcos and and Caitlin try to gain information on the Inner Circle by visiting a mutant hacker named Wire. Upon using his hacking powers, the only information he is able to give them is the scale of their resources and power. There's nothing specific to be learned that will help them get back Lorna and Andy yet. When Marcos and Caitlin return from the mission injured, the other members of the Underground are alarmed and concerned for their well-being.

Reed is also struggling by the apparent re-manifestation of his mutant powers. He has yet to reveal this to anyone, opting to struggle in secret to keep them under control. Lauren later argues with her mother about her insisting on hunting for Andy to the point of putting her own well-being in danger. Reed later elaborates on Lauren's sentiments regarding Andy choosing to leave, as opposed to being kidnapped against his will.

Lorna goes into labor and this causes her powers to trigger electrical flairs all across the city. Marcos immediately recognises them as Lorna's powers and the Underground tries to follow the origins of them to find Lorna. Meanwhile, Lorna is struggling to give birth due to a psychological block. The Stepford Cuckoos show Lorna a vision they've had of the future in which they achieve great political power and are able to create a better life for mutants. This allows her to give birth and all the electrical disturbances stop. The entire city goes dark and Marcos emotionally breaks down, not knowing if the woman he loves or his child are still alive.

The Gifted airs on Tuesdays on FOX at 8/7c.


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