The Gifted S02E02 "unMoored" Recap

Tuscon, Arizona. Three years ago. John Proudstar is in a cage fight. Just when it appears as if he might get beat, he taps into his mutant strength and bests his opponents. Afterwards, he is enjoying his earnings when he is approached by Evangeline Whedon. She explains that she is an attorney that used to work with the X-Men before they disappeared. She knows a considerable amount of information about his life and history. She wants to give him an opportunity to make something of his life by leading the Atlanta station for the Mutant Underground. She lost her job when her bosses learned she was a mutant and was considering suicide before the X-Men found her. Though he is reluctant at first he decides to accept the offer.

In the present day, John checks on Marcos who has made a gift for the baby and admits that he's never lost hope that he and Lorna can be together again. John encourages him to keep having hope but Marcos says hope has been killing him and now he doesn't even know if Lorna or the baby are alive. The information they have on the Inner Circle isn't enough for them to track down a precise location and John decides to contact Evangeline in the hopes of her being able to aid their search.

Reeva discusses the electrical surges Lorna caused during childbirth with the Stepford Cuckoos. Reeva orders that all of the humans they've been in contact with for matters during the birth be killed. One of the sisters is reluctant because of the ethical issues of this but eventually all three leave together to begin hunting them down.

Jace Turner is trying to pursue a new career as a lawyer. His obsession with mutants is still present and his wife pushes him to let it go since this is what sent him down such a dark path previously. After speaking with another friend who advises him to let his mutant obsession go, Jace returns home and begins throwing away his old items related to hunting mutants. He makes a promise to his wife to let things go so they can move forward in their life.

Reed and Caitlin argue with one another about her obsession with finding Andy at the cost of neglecting Lauren and him who are still present while she is not. Lauren overhears the entire argument from her room.

Andy is struggling to be focused and present in his training, as he has been having shared dreams with Lauren. Andy later confides in Lorna about his struggles.

The Underground tracks down Evangeline and upon learning that they are trying to take on the Inner Circle, she refuses to get explicitly involved in their fight. The only lead she is willing to give them is another mutant named Erg who may have more information that will help them. She also gives them Reeva's name and the information that she was believed to have taken over the Inner Circle. Evangeline also berates John, blaming him for things going wrong in Atlanta. Later on, Caitlin and Marcos assure him he did the best that he could and that they all worked together but John continues to blame himself.

Reed tries to better understand his re-emerging powers by reading his father's old notes. Lauren comes in and he hides the notes and the two discuss old family moments and reminisce over photos from a happier time. Lauren later chooses to admit that she still has guilt over killing fifteen people back in Atlanta with her shared power with Andy. She wants Andy to come home but she also doesn't want this because of the threat that she and him pose when their powers are combined.

Andy tries to call the clinic in an effort to reach Lauren but when his father takes the call instead, he remains silent on the line before hanging up and destroying the phone. Unbeknownst to him, one of he members of the Inner Circle has been spying on him and calls Reeva to inform her of Andy's attempt to contact his family. When Andy continues to struggle in his training, Reeva considers killing Andy as she doesn't believe he can be let free if he isn't going to be fully committed to their cause. When he is open with her about his struggles regarding his connection to his family she decides to spare his life and gives him a pep-talk to get him re-focused in his training.

Marcos struggles over missing Lorna and the baby but after remembering a happier time with her he shines a beacon in the sky. She sees it, knowing that it's him saying hello, and goes to tell her baby Dawn about it. But upon checking on Dawn, Lorna finds that she has fallen ill.

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