The Good Place S02E03 "Dance Dance Resolution" Recap

Michael records a log as he reboots the neighborhood hundreds of times, with each effort being thwarted by Eleanor realizing that the entire scenario is fake. One time even Jason ends up being the one to figure it out. Despite the various adjustments to the scenario from different soulmates being assigned and the tasks given to the foursome, nothing seems to stick.

Michael reaches the 802nd version and the demon-workers go on strike from their roles in up keeping the facade of the town. The Other Eleanor, Vicky, presents Michael with a list of demands from all the actors. Around the same time, Eleanor and Chidi go for a walk to take a break from studying and overhear two demons complaining about Michael's running of the neighborhood and one other demon even emerges without his human suit on. The pair realise they are actually in the Bad Place and run off. They summon Janet and have her take them to the Medium Place.

On the way there, Eleanor and Chidi determine that Tahani and Jason are also regular humans stuck in the Bad Place. When they get to Mindy St. Claire's place, she reveals to them that they've been there fifteen times already. Mindy is also upset that they didn't bring cocaine this time, despite her previous requests for them to do so. Mindy goes on to share that after their visits they always ultimately decide to return to the neighborhood with a new plant to defeat Michael. Vicky wants to take over Michael's position as the boss.

Back in the neighborhood, Vicky shows Michael a complete report she has kept on all of Michael's mistakes. She threatens to reveal this to his boss Shawn, who had ordered him to not reboot the neighborhood past attempt number two. Michael decides to tell Jason about his struggles, and the fact that he's in the Bad Place, in the hopes of bouncing some ideas off of him to try to figure out a solution to his problem.

Eleanor struggles to come to an agreement with Chidi about what they should do next to defeat Michael. When she tries to vent to Mindy, Mindy reveals that the two of them have it bad for one another, even showing a tape from a previous visit of the pair having sex and professing their love for one another.

When Eleanor and Chidi return to the neighborhood so they can band together with the other humans against Michael, he instead asks to form an alliance with them.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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