The Good Place S02E04 "Team Cockroach" Recap

Michael offers the humans a deal, since they keep beating him at his own game. His plan is to reboot the neighborhood once again but this time their memories will be left untouched. In exchange, they need to play along with the facade. If they don't agree to this, Vicky will expose his failures to his boss and then the humans will get sent to a more traditional set of hellish torture devices. Michael would also be sent to retirement which amounts to being burned eternally. Michael also claims that he can get them into the real Good Place.

The humans discuss their options. Chidi is quick to agree to the plan because he has realised that he failed in his life attempts to spread ethics through his work. Jason doesn't seem to understand much about the complexities of the situation but decides he trust Michael because he is wearing a bow tie. Tahani is insistent that she belongs in the Good Place, but finally understands the how low she sunk when Michael restores her death memory. Tahani had been crushed to death by a statue of her sister Kamillah at a party in her honour, since Tahani was so self-obsessed that she couldn't bear the display.

Eleanor considers running away to Mindy's house once again but ultimately decides to stay when Michael tells her that in all the times their simulations was rebooted, Chidi never refused to help her. Eleanor does add a condition to the plan though, which is that Michael must join the humans in Chidi's ethics lessons. Michael sees humans as lesser, even referring to them as "cockroaches" but begrudgingly agrees.

The neighborhood is rebooted once more and Vicky now believes she is in charge. She has taken on the role of being the top point earner in the neighborhood and is the honorary mayor. The humans and Michael meet in secret for their lessons. Janet also joins them, saying that her programming is to make humans happy and they are the only humans present so she will go along with the plan.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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