The Good Place S02E05 "Existential Crisis" Recap

Michael struggles to grasp the concepts being taught in Chidi's lesson. Eventually, Chidi determines that it's Michael's immortality that is blocking his understanding so he presses Michael to ponder the ending of his existence through the ever-present "retirement" threat. When Michael truly grasps the idea of this, he becomes despondent and experiences first an existential crisis and then a midlife crisis. Eleanor works with Michael to help him understand that experiencing sadness over the concept of death is an essential part of humanity. Michael is grateful for her instruction and Chidi determines that Michael can now resume his ethics lessons.

Tahani is tortured in the new neighborhood through a series of parties. While she is planning a birthday party for Gunnar, it becomes overshadowed by a significantly larger party planned by Vicky. Despite being in the know about the plans to torture her, Tahani is still insecure about the character traits she has that would allow her to be upset by such superficial probelms. Jason reassures her that she is great and the two end up sleeping together. Tahani wants to discuss the implications of this afterwards but Jason is oblivious to what she wants.

Eleanor has flashbacks to seminal moments in her life that shaped her views on death. As a child, her alcoholic mother gave her a poor explanation of death when the family dog died. Eleanor attended her father's funeral as an adult but didn't cry for him. Some time later, Eleanor was shopping at a Bed Bath & Beyond store and broken down upon observing a toothbrush holder that was designed for a full family to store their items in.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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