The Good Place S02E06 "The Trolley Problem" Recap

Chidi instructs the group on the trolley problem thought experiment. But Michael struggles to grasp this because he holds knowledge of the afterlife point system which meddles with the theoretical approach that Chidi is using as a teaching device. Michael decides to create realistic, violent simulations of the various scenarios that Chidi has created. Chidi eventually suspects that Michael is doing this to torture him and Michael admits this to be true.

Chidi expels Michael from the ethics lessons and Michael brings back gifts to win everyone over again. Chidi points out that these are bribes, and doesn't forgive Michael so quickly while the others are more willing to do so. Michael is only able to earn forgiveness from Chidi once he apologises in a precise manner with wording pre-approved by Chidi himself.

Tahani and Jason are still in a casual relationship, which Tahani insists needs to be kept secret even though Jason wants to go public with it. Janet becomes their relationship counselor and is able to help them over the course of a month. But along the way, Janet begins to experience short term errors since she is operating beyond her specifications. Janet warns Michael that the neighborhood is at risk of collapsing as the errors are increasing in severity.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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