The Good Place S02E08 "Derek" Recap

Michael is fearful of Derek. Make no mistake, Derek isn't an intimidating figure. But Janet creating a new rebound boyfriend isn't exactly laying low when the group needs to avoid suspicions from the other demons. This wacky new character could cause Michael and the humans to be exposed.

Michael sends Jason and Tahani on a private retreat, leaving him to seek advice from Chidi and Eleanor on what the most ethical way to deal with the situation is. After Janet and Derek's relationship quickly deteriorates, Janet's feelings are further flustered due to Tahani and Jason asking her to perform a marriage ceremony for them. Chidi admits to Michael that the most ethical thing for Michael to do is to tell the couple the truth about why Janet has been malfunctioning: her feelings for Jason. This decision is reached by Chidi even with the risk that Janet may eliminate Derek.

Eleanor reaches out to Janet as her friend and offers to help her process these difficult emotions. Janet does decide to deactivate Derek. Jason and Tahani learn the truth and still decide to stay a couple, though there is an awkward dynamic added to their relationship.

Eleanor has re-watched the tape of her with Chidi again and again. She decides to tell him the truth by showing him the tape, sex and love confession on full display. He claims to not love her in a romantic sense and she replies that she also doesn't love him in that way.

Michael reaches out to Eleanor once more and asks to discuss ethics with her. She coaches him on the fact that trying to do good is a reward in and of itself, emotionally speaking. By reaching out to her, he was being 'human'. But the heartfelt moment is interrupted by the arrival of Shawn, Michael's demon boss.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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