The Good Place S02E09 "Leap to Faith" Recap

Shawn congratulates Michael on his successful reboot of the neighborhood. Shawn still believes that Michael is only running things on his second attempt, having received a series of falsified progress reports that Michael had composed to cover his mistakes and repeated reboots. Shawn and Michael are set to have promotions, and this particular torture plan will have expansion. Consequently, Michael "reveals" to the humans that they are actually in the Bad Place, and now the demons will destroy the neighborhood and leave it all behind as the humans will be transferred to more traditional torture punishments the following day.

The humans contemplate revealing the truth to Shawn about Michael's reports and reboots. They also consider running away to Mindy St. Clair's house once again. In the end, they decide to stay put because Eleanor pieces together a clue: that Michael had mentioned Kierkegaard as a way of signaling that they should take a leap of faith on him. Additionally, his mean-spirited roast had contained a series of directions for them to follow.

The plan was for Janet to retrieve Derek, who is able to conduct a decoy train that the demons would believe the humans were making their escape on. In actuality, the humans were hiding under the demons' train and Michael is able to frame Vicky for the humans escaping the neighborhood. After the demons leave, the humans are free to live with Michael in the neighborhood without any immediate danger. However, there is still a question of what to do once the demons realise that the humans are not at Mindy St. Claire's place.

Finally, Derek is revealed to have arrived at Mindy's place with a large supply of cocaine. Mindy is elated to finally have the drugs she'd repeatedly asked for, as well as a new willing sexual partner.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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