The Good Place S02E10 "Best Self" Recap

Michael presents the humans with a hot-air balloon that can bring them to the Good Place. However, they need to get on a scale that will determine whether they are the best versions of themselves. They go through a series of not being able to get everyone to pass, as different humans cycle through bouts of self-doubt that cause them to fail the test. In the end, Michael is forced to reveal that the entire scenario was just a distraction since he didn't actually know how to get them to the Good Place despite having tried to determine a way to do so.

The group decides to throw a party, not knowing what else to do. Tahani decides to end her relationship with Jason, though they end on good terms. Eleanor confesses to Chidi that she does have romantic feelings for him. He still struggles to understand how he feels for her and admits he wishes they could've met under normal circumstances.

The humans bestow Michael with a title of "honorary human," while praising him for his efforts to be better and to learn to the do the right thing. Tahani makes an offhanded comment about them needing to "speak to a manager" which makes Michael reveal that there is a Judge. But this Judge rarely accepts cases to hear and can only be reached if they go through the Bad Place. Eleanor says that they should try, since it's their best option given the circumstances. Everyone agrees to the plan. Michael quickly incapacitates the Bad Janet that had been sent to transport him back. Janet runs the train to bring them to the Bad Place, leaving behind the neighborhood which begins to disintegrate.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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