The Good Place S02E11 "Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent" Recap

Michael, Janet, and the humans make it to the Bad Place. They reach a headquarters where Michael must finesse some badges that the will need to open the portal to take them to the Judge. A reception interrupts their plan. It's intended to celebrate the success of the neighborhood. The humans have no choice but to pretend to be demons intermingling with the other demons there, while Janet pretends to be a Bad Janet. Chidi struggles with the ethical aspect of lying until Eleanor uses the concept of moral particularism so he can be at peace enough to lie.

Michael is planning to use the extradition paperwork to get the humans back from Mindy's place as a cover while he helps the humans escape. However, Shawn has defied regulations and sent enforcements back to Mindy's house and learned that the humans aren't there. The only thing to be found is Mindy enjoying her newfound sexual relationship with Derek.

Michael steals some badges and tries to get the humans out of the reception. But first a presentation is underway about the neighborhood and some lifelike models of the four humans exposes their true identities to all the demons present. Michael makes his escape with the humans after Jason sets off a Molotov cocktail that blocks Shawn from catching up to them right away.

When the five of them reach the portal, Michael first sends Tahani, Jason, and Chidi through. When he realises there is only one badge left, he gives the last one to Eleanor though she is determined for him to come with them. He declares that self-sacrifice is what solves the trolly problem Chidi had tried to teach to him earlier. Michael pushes Eleanor through the portal and it closes right as Shawn arrives.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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