The Good Place S02E12 "The Burrito" Recap

Michael confesses all the lies he has told to Shawn, who opts to imprison him instead of retiring him since a retirement would create a great public scandal that would made for bad publicity. The bad Janet that is helping Shawn reveals herself to actually be Good Janet in disguise. She incapacitates Shawn to help Michael get away.

The humans arrive at the Judge's chambers and explain what has happened for them to get there, including Michael's self-sacrifice. The Judge, Gen, becomes convinced to take their case and gives them individual tests to determine their personal growth. They ask that they all be judged as a unit so that they must all pass in order for them to all make it through.

Jason is tested on impulse control, and fails. Tahani is instructed to go down a hallway and not look in on any of the doors that contain the opinions of others on her. She fails when she decides to maturely confront her parents about how they have mistreated her over the course of her life.

Eleanor is told that she and Chidi have passed their tests while the others have failed. Chidi tells her that it is ethical for them to go to the Good Place without Jason and Tahani but Eleanor correctly determines that it isn't really Chidi she is speaking to. She rejects this offer to abandon her friends and so Eleanor passes. The real Chidi is given his own test on decisiveness and when Gen informs the group that they have failed, Eleanor lies and claims that she had also failed her test. Gen is preparing to send the group back to the Bad Place but right then, Michael and Janet arrive through a portal.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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