The Good Place S02E13 "Somewhere Else" Recap

Michael argues on behalf of the humans, claiming that they experienced personal growth in the afterlife. This was something had immortals had previously believed to be impossible which would also mean that their after system is broken. Janet confesses her love to Jason, who reciprocates, and Chidi becomes inspired to kiss Eleanor. Gen decides to offer the humans their own individual Medium Places while she will ponder the matter for up to a million years, but Eleanor rejects this offer, believing it be unjust.

Gen thinks that the humans becoming better people was only a byproduct of wanting to save themselves but Michael argues that they would have continued down the path of self-improvement if they received proper encouragement.

Each of the humans has their memories wiped once again so they can experience life in a new timeline. Eleanor is saved from the accident that had originally killed her, with the other humans' lives being yet to be revealed. All the while, Michael and Janet are monitoring what is happening in their lives.

Eleanor's near-death experience causes an epiphany for her to be a better person. She quits her job in order to pursue a path of being an environmentalist. She tries her best to stay ethical but begins to lose steam after six months, particularly since being kind opens up room for some to try to take advantage of her. She ends up returning to her former unethical lifestyle for six months.

Michael sneaks away and visits Eleanor disguised as a bartender, against Gen's orders. Michael gives her advice that causes her to question her morality which sets her on the path of discovering a three-hour lecture online of Chidi discussing what people owe to one another. Eleanor is captivated by the speech and impulsively travels all the way to Australia in the hopes of meeting Chidi to ask him for guidance.

The Good Place airs on NBC and will return for season 3 in the fall.


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