The Good Place S03E02 "Everything Is Bonzer!" (Part 2) Recap

Chidi and Simone go on a successful date but Eleanor chides him for not having kissed her on it. So Chidi becomes emboldened to kiss her the next day. They also decide to collaborate on a study thesis which explores the effect of near-death experiences on brain functions in regards to ethical decision-making.

Michael continues to visit Earth to nudge things towards favorable outcomes for the humans. Tahani had decided to become more charitable and less self-absorbed. She even leaves behind the hustle and bustle of her life to live in a monastery but returns to her old life when a documentary crew visits and inspires her to right a book about the experience there and finding enlightenment. Michael speaks to her at a party in the character of an unethical businessman that compares himself to Tahani. She is horrified at the thought that she is this unethical, so she decides to accept Chidi's offer to join the study.

Jason has decided to leave behind a life of petty crime and focus his attention on dance competitions. However, he opts to return to criminal activity when he is unable to succeed in his goals. Michael tries to convince Jason to go to Australia to start a dance crew there. But as Jason had already been searching for a deeper meaning in life he is already happy to join the study.

Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason are all reunited in Australia but Michael is horrified when Trevor arrives to also join the study, having been sent by the Bad Place as a means of sabotage.

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