The Good Place S03E04 "The Snowplow" Recap

Michael and Janet take refuge on earth and continue to try to help the humans stay together and become better people. When Eleanor considers getting an extra job to afford life, they manipulate the situation so she will win an $18,000 lottery ticket in order to ensure that she stays focused not he study and bonding with the other humans.

To prevent Tahani and Jason from getting entangled with one another, Michael and Janet get Jason to connect with other Jaguars fans in the area while getting an Australian ex-boyfriend to reappear in Tahani's life. This ex is Larry Hemsworth, a highly accomplished and good-looking doctor that suffers from an insecurity complex due to his feeling lesser than his more famous brothers.

Michael and Janet also provide Chidi with some incredible new teaching equipment to better aid his work and the study. But when Tahani gets engaged with Larry, the pair decide to move back to London. This prompts Chidi to decide that the group should be disbanded and he can continue his work with different participants. The other humans are unhappy with this and Eleanor in particular takes the news poorly. She even lashes out and reverts back to her more selfish tendencies in a tantrum.

Eleanor gets advice from Eleanor that offers a deeper insight into Eleanor's character. As Eleanor had never been able to find a group that she truly felt a part of before, this is why losing this one proved to be so painful. Eleanor decides to apologise and the humans decide to get together annually for a get-together.

Michael is displeased with this turn of events and meets with Janet in private, proposing that they sneak back into Judge Gen's office to reset the timeline and start over. However, the humans catch them when they open the portal.

The Good Place airs on Thursdays on NBC at 8:30/7:30c.


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