The Good Place S03E05 "Jeremy Bearimy" Recap

Michael and Janet decide to be honest with the humans and thoroughly rehash the events that took place in the Bad Place. It's also revealed that these events lasted over the course of 300 years. The reason why they were able to return to earth at the same time at which they originally died is because time works differently in the afterlife and runs on a loop. Since the humans now know the truth they are unable to earn any more points which means they will be doomed to the Bad Place.

Michael and Janet draft a manifesto which they intend to turn into Judge Gen so they can deliver their recommendations after everything that's happened. The humans all take the news hard and react to varying degrees of outlandish behaviour. Tahani donates $2 million to the Sydney Opera House but insists that it be kept anonymous since she doesn't want the recognition or fame from doing something good. Jason helps her continue to give money away to random people so they can be helped from it.

Eleanor tries to revert back to the bad, selfish person she was before but struggles to follow through on this. She finds a wallet and wants to steal the money but instead goes above and beyond to try to return it its owner which she eventually does and becomes incredibly moved when she finds that the man wanted it back because it had a special drawing in it by his daughter. Chidi reacts the most severely, as he purchases $880 worth of candy and cooks it into a giant vat of chili during a class he is supposed to be teaching. He rambles about philosophies embodies by the humans, including virtue ethics, consequentialism, deontology, and nihilism.

Eleanor meets with Chidi and comforts him in this difficult time. She then brings him to Michael and Janet and the group is quickly joined by Tahani and Jason arrive. The six of them agree to a plan that Eleanor has come up with where they will all work together to help more people get into the Good Place. Tahani also reveals that she has married Jason in order to share her wealth with him since her financial advisors won't allow her to simply give it away. But the situation becomes awkward when Larry arrives, ready to leave for London with Tahani so they can start their life together.

The Good Place airs on Thursdays on NBC at 8:30/7:30c.


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