The Good Place S03E06 "The Ballad of Donkey Doug" Recap

Tahani and Michael accompany Jason to Jacksonville to try to save his father, Donkey Doug, from ending up in the Bad Place. He has lived his life jumping from one get-rich-quick scheme to another. He has partial training to become an electrician so they're hoping to help him complete the training so he can live a life where he makes money legitimately. Tahani is free to help Jason since she has ended her relationship with Larry Hemsworth.

Back in Sydney, Chidi wants to break up with Simone so he doesn't accidentally tell her about the afterlife because if he did he would risk her soul. Janet is able to build a virtual reality simulation so he can practice breaking up with her to figure out the best way to do so, as he doesn't want to hurt her. However, each simulation goes poorly.

Jason is reunited with Pillboi who has another get-rich-quick scheme brewing with Donkey Doug out that will sell a combination energy drink and body spray which is made from stolen materials. Despite their best efforts, Donkey Doug appears to be a lost cause. Donkey Doug and Pillboi are also set to perform a robbery at a factory. Jason decides to help Pillboi by taking his place at the robbery and tells his father to leave Pillboi alone from now on so he can stay on a more legitimate path. When police arrive at the robbery, Donkey Doug tells Jason to make his getaway while he will be a good father by leading the police on a chase.

Chidi breaks up with Simone and it goes very badly. Eleanor pushes Chidi to talk to Simone again and to just be a person and as honest as he's able given the circumstances. Though their relationship is still left on an awkward note since Chidi can't tell her why they need to break up, Simone is understanding and the two are able to be amicable with one another.

Jason tells Pillboi that he, Tahani, and Michael are secretly astronaut-spies and bestow upon him a mission of his own to keep working hard at the nursing home where he is currently employed and that he must no longer commit any crimes.

The group of six reunite in Budapest where Tahani is planning to reunite and reconcile with her sister after their life-long feud. Janet and Michael also reveal to Eleanor that her mother faked her death and is actually alive. Eleanor is furious and says she needs to return to America in order to kill her (figuratively).

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