Wynonna Earp S03E07 "I Fall To Pieces" Recap

When last we saw Wynonna Earp she had struck a strictly sexual relationship with Charlie the fireman. What better way to consummate this new adventure than doing it in an actual fire truck? But the fun can't last forever, as Nicole shows up and interrupts their latest bout of shenanigans. After all, the new sheriff of Purgatory has a responsibility to the town and must set a precedent from the start. She's also brought Waverly along and the couple bring Wynonna home together.

On the way, Waverly addresses the elephant in the room. Clearly Wynonna must be finished with whatever relationship she had previously had with Doc. Wynonna coldly says that they were never a thing. But what is a thing is Doc's new transformation into a vampire. Upon waking with Kate, his hand is burning. Bulshar's ring is rejecting him, something he's not particularly happy about. But Kate is at least happy, that Doc is now a vampire linked to her forever.

Wynonna arrives at the station with Nicole and Waverly. Nedley turns over his secret closet containing all the various cases he ever worked on that had supernatural aspects involved. It's up to Wynonna and Nicole as to what they want to keep and what they want to dispose of. But Nicole is also concerned about getting the full support of the city council to be fully appointed as sheriff. One council member in particular, Bunny Loblaw, will be the main challenge.

Doc has an awkward encounter with Michelle in the barn. She holds him at gunpoint and says she needs to get out for a while, as she's been cooped up for too long. He agrees and the pair take off in his truck.

While Nicole and Wynonna work through sorting Nedley's closet, Wynonna points out that they've only been assigned this to make them practice working together much like how they will on future cases. Nicole wants to be meticulous in sorting through the items while Wynonna thinks it's mostly useless junk. It appears as if the pair have some rough patches they'll need to sort through. Nicole is determined to go through things with a keen on eye, in case there's something waiting to be discovered that can help them take out Bulshar, which would achieve justice for Dolls. A scuffle breaks out between the two and a mirror ends up broken, along with other miscellaneous items from the closet.

Wynonna heads to Doc's bar and comes across Nedley drinking. Wynonna vents to him about Nicole, but Nedley advises her to go easy on her, believing the two have more in common than she might realise.

Nicole has to head back home where she'll be meting with councilwoman Bunny Loblaw. The first impression between the two isn't great. She orders Nicole to move her cat away from their meeting, claiming to be deathly allergic, and while Nicole is gone Bunny makes a homophobic remark about Nicole and Waverly. Nicole tries to reasonably pitch herself as sheriff but Bunny won't take no for an answer about learning what's really going on in Purgatory. If Nicole wants to be sheriff, she needs to tell the truth where Nedley had always made up some strange excuse like a costume party gone awry or animals had escaped from the zoo. Nicole tries to explain what's really going on but Wynonna shows up and interrupts the conversation. Bunny is happy to see her, because for some reason she thinks Wynonna would be better suited to be sheriff since she is more of a straight-shooter (no pun intended) and she comes from one of Purgatory's original families. Nicole excuses herself and pulls Wynonna into another room where they begin to bicker. Wynonna assures her she doesn't want to be sheriff but Nicole goes further, saying Wynonna isn't cut out to manage anything.

While they are arguing, an eerie revenant that rose earlier in the episode looks through the living room window. When Bunny sees him, she falls unconscious. It's not entirely clear if this is caused by fear or from some supernatural cause. Wynonna and Nicole return to the room and find that Bunny is still out cold and Nicole's cat has come downstairs, standing on top of Bunny. Nicole discovers some medication from Bunny's bag and uses it to wake her. She loads Bunny up in the back of her cop car to take her to the hospital but when she and Wynonna begin to argue again, two frat guys steal Nicole's cruiser and get away with Bunny still inside.

Wynonna and Nicole follow the pair using Bunny's car to a revenant roadhouse. They struggle to get the car open as Nicole's spare key breaks off in the key-hole. They go inside to try to get the original keys back from the frat guys but find the pair are being help captive by revenants. Wynonna challenges them to a drinking contest. The frat guys are set free in order to bring Bunny to the hospital. Wynonna and Nicole must win to secure their freedom and if the revenants win they can kill the women. Wynonna and Nicole seemingly win until the revenants realise Wynonna had ben cheating, forcing Wynonna and Nicole to escape into the woods. The pair are handcuffed together and Nicole is very drunk so it's quite the comedic struggle as the pair fumble through the woods.

Doc takes Michelle to Ward and Willa's grave, just as she requested. Michelle shares how she wanted to leave Purgatory when she was younger, but ended up staying because she got pregnant and married to Warp Earp. She talks about her affair with Julian and how Ward pushed Julian outside the Ghost River Triangle on the night Waverly was born. Julian hasn't been seen or heard from since, and Michelle admits that she learned this information from Bobo whom she has freed. Doc is horrified to learn that Bobo is free now and says he will stop Michelle if he needs to.

Back at the station, Jeremy and Waverly are going through all the things that have happened to Nicole and realise that all this back luck can't be purely coincidental. They then remember the broken mirror and decide to try to put it back together in case that's the cause.

Wynonna and Nicole do their best to fight off the revenants but it's then that the demon from before emerges and does away with another one of the revenants. He yells at the women that they owe him a new wife and chases them back to the station. Waverly realises that the mirror wasn't the only thing Nicole and Waverly broken and that the demon is actually a gnome. One other item that was broken was a gnome lawn ornament. While Nicole and Wynonna struggle to fight off the gnome, Waverly and Jeremy work to repair the broken gnome. When it's taped back together, a bolt of lightning strikes it and makes it appear as good as new. The gnome demon releases Wynonna and Nicole and grabs his gnome wife, leaving the station with it.

Bunny visits Wynonna at the station and continues to be both homophobic and xenophobic against Nicole, whom she refuses to endorse for sheriff. Wynonna points out that Bunny has seen at least one monster today and that if Bunny doesn't endorse Nicole, Wynonna will send many more monsters after Bunny. Bunny is angry but terrified so she agrees. Nicole had overheard the entire exchange and is grateful to Wynonna. They appear to finally reach an understanding with one another and are better prepared to work together on more cases to keep Purgatory safe. Wynonna also shows Nicole a picture she discovered of a young Nicole with Nedley. As it turns out, Nedley was the one who saved her from the massacre by the Cult of Bulshar, not Black Badge.

Nicole visits Nedley and talks to him about his saving her. He admits that he kept an eye on her after he saved her and naturally couldn't resist offering her a job when he learned that she enrolled in the police academy. Nedley sees her as a daughter and promises to always be there when she needs him, congratulating her on the position of Sheriff.

Doc returns to Kate's home and finds the mementos she's kept from the various people she's killed as a vampire. When Kate realises that Doc wants to help Wynonna she grows jealous and says that she will never want him now that he has changed into a vampire. Doc appreciates how Wynonna believes in his ability to be better, but Kate points out that she is the one that loves him even at his worst. Doc grabs the gun and other items to give to Michelle, who intends to leave Purgatory in search of Julian. Doc points out that Wynonna may not forgive her for leaving but Michelle snaps back that she will not allow a vampire to lecture him on love. The unsettling point of this exchange is that Doc never told Michelle that he is a vampire.

Wynonna returns home and finds Waverly crying over Michelle's goodbye letter. Wynonna is less upset, since she's not so surprised by this development. She also has a letter from her mother that tells her not to trust Doc and that he's not who she thinks he is. She confronts him about this and he gives her Bulshar's ring to protect herself. He goes on to admit that he spent the day with Michelle and also that she is the one who has released Bobo. Wynonna is still determined to get the truth and the argument escalates, with all the emotional baggage of their relationship weighing heavily on their interactions. Wynonna grows increasingly demanding and aggressive, even slapping Doc until he snaps at her and reveals his yellow-eyed vampirism. Wynonna understands now what her mother was trying to warn her about, and that Kate has turned him. Wynonna brings up their daughter, and what she would think of her father selling his soul for the sake of immortality. Wynonna then banishes Doc from her home and tearfully goes back inside.

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