Wynonna Earp S03E08 "Waiting Forever For You" Recap

Wynonna is hanging out with Jeremy at Doc's bar. She has yet to reveal that Doc is now a vampire, and she's also avoiding her new friend-with-benefits, Charlie. But Jeremy won't enable Wynonna's misbehaviour so he points Wynonna out to Jeremy so she can directly address the situation. Wynonna first gives Jeremy Bulshar's ring to keep safe before she speaks with Charlie. They decide to put this awkwardness behind them and makes dinner plans.

Meanwhile, Bulshar is escalating his plans by resurrecting his wife, Constance Clootie. He has orders for her that involve retrieving something he needs.

Doc goes to meet with Kate, who's kidnapped a man for their next meal. But Doc rejects this offering, as he prefers to find his food himself. He leaves furious at her and she decides to eat without him. An angry, hungry Doc is hunting in the woods and comes across Jeremy's love interest, Robin. The two are talking on the phone to plan a double date with Waverly and Nicole. Jeremy is putting Bulshar's ring in a safe when he hears Robin screaming on the call. Doc is horrified once he realises what he's done and brings an injured Robin back to Jeremy who now knows that Doc is a vampire. He berates Doc for what's happened, prompting Doc to leave.

Wynonna and Charlie are out for dinner when Jeremy shows up to tell her what's happened. She is furious at Doc and leaves dinner to go on a mission to stake him. Charlie helps her by trapping Doc at his bar using a rope soaked in holy water while Wynonna pays a visit to Kate. But before Wynonna can stake her, Kate shares the story of how Doc is the reason that she was turned into a vampire.

Kate had moved with her family to the new world in search of freedom. Unfortunately her parents died not long after they arrived. Kate had planned to go back to Hungary but decided against it because she had the ability to read tarot cards and thus knew what would happen in the world. She met Doc when he helped her fend off a man that became aggressive while visiting her to get his cards read.

Back at Doc's bar, Charlie and Doc are arguing until they're interrupted by the arrival of Widow Clootie. Charlie is frightened by her appearance and Doc can't fight her off while he is trapped by the Holy Water rope. Doc implores Charlie to let him free but he is too frightened at first. Constance is looking for whatever Bulshar sent her after and attempts to leave when she doesn't find it. Finally Charlie manages to pull himself together and releases Doc from captivity. Doc subdues Constance by punching her in the heart, which knocks her down for the time being. They call Wynonna who doesn't answer since she's still listening to Kate's story.

Doc and Kate had travelled together and Kate fell in love with him. Doc fell sick and Kate begins to reconsider going back to Hungary. But Wynonna reminds Kate that she had left Doc when he was sick and warns her to stay honest in this story.

Robin is okay after his attack so he accompanies Jeremy to the double date with Waverly and Nicole at the Homestead. Jeremy is waiting for Wynonna to call with an update. Robin is helping Waverly cook when he begins to wonder what a potato feels like in the ground. This is enough for Waverly to deduce that Robin has managed to tap into Bulshar's wavelength and has the ability to hear what commands Bulshar is giving to the trees. Waverly goes to tell Nicole and Jeremy who notices a ring. Nicole kneels down to get it and Waverly mistakenly believes it's a proposal until Nicole explains that she's holding Bulshar's ring. But the question remains of how it got there in the first place. The trio are discussing what's been going on, including Doc being turned into a vampire and attacking Robin, whom they then hear leave the house. They follow him outside and to the barn where he's removed his shirt, shoes, is wounding himself into bleeding, and mumbling about needing to continue fertilizing the soil and soon it will all be over.

Doc and Charlie intend to take Constance, who is still unconscious, out to the well where they can keep her trapped. But before they can get there, she wakes in the trunk and steals the car. She drives to Kate's place where Wynonna and Kate are armed with knives and preparing to fight. They decide to put aside their differences and stand together against Constance for the time being. But Constance leaves again when she fails to find what she is looking for.

Doc and Charlie are still chasing after Constance but it's not proving easy since they're on foot. When Doc points out that Doc is weakened by his need for blood Doc tries to attack him. Charlie is able to defend himself and Doc permits him to knock him out so he won't hurt anyone in this time of crisis.

Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy are struggling to come up with a solution to whatever is happening to Robin. Robin says that someone is close, but who? Bulshar himself? Once Robin snaps out of his strange trance and regains an awareness of his surroundings he explains that he was able to hear the roots of the trees whispering to one another. They're being forced to do Bulshar's bidding against their will. Constance arrives again, still in search of Bulshar's missing item. Waverly and Nicole unsuccessfully fight her. Bulshar's ring begins to glow and burn in Nicole's belonging. Waverly grabs it and is immune to whatever burning from it that injured Nicole. Upon putting it on, it gives her a boost of strength that allows her to push Constance away when she charges at her. Constance runs off with three tarot cards she had found among Doc's belongings.

Wynonna brings Kate to the Homestead. Kate explains that the cards belonged to Bulshar and that he was the aggressive client she had refused to read. This was how she and Doc met but at this time Bulshar was known as Sheriff Clootie. Clootie had visited Kate in the hopes that she would help him find something in the Ghost River Triangle. But she refused to read his future when she saw his cards, angering him in the process. Wynonna and Kate decide to go after Constance in the hopes of preventing her from getting the cards back to Bulshar. But they don't get there before her. Bulshar laughs maniacally upon reading his future in the cards.

Wynonna and Kate catch up to Constance later, when Bulshar is already gone. Constance actually wants to be free from Bulshar and the existence he has pulled her into so Wynonna releases her with the help of Peacemaker.

Wynonna is upset by her inability to catch up to Bulshar, who is always ahead of her attempts to stops him. Kate implores her to understand that Bulshar is still ultimately a demon and that Wynonna is the best demon-hunter Kate has seen in a very long time. Wynonna is suspicious that Kate is only kissing up to try to get Wynonna to spare her life. But Kate tells her that Wynonna killing her wouldn't transform Doc back into a human, and that the idea of this is only a myth surrounding vampirism.

Wynonna realises that her fate is linked to Bulshar's so if Kate reads her tarot cards, they may be able to finally get an insight into Bulshar's cards.

Charlie takes Doc back to the bar and gets him some blood through the help of a paramedic friend. They talk about Wynonna and Charlie admits that he really likes her. Doc warns Charlie that he will never know Wynonna as well as Doc does. Charlie retaliates that Wynonna hunts creatures like him but Doc remains hopeful that she will become understanding of the situation.

Waverly can't get Bulshar's ring off no matter what she does to try to help the situation. Jeremy then notices that a new symbol has appeared on the the ring after Waverly put it on. He decides to research into it further. Wynonna comes in and shares what Kate has found in reading Wynonna's tarot cards. The final card, Wynonna's future, depicted Adam and Eve. The new symbol on Bulshar's ring is the Arabic word for Paradise. Bulshar is after the Garden of Eden. Robin then comes in and says that Bulshar has already found it.

Wynonna visits Kate again, who shares the end of the story. She left Doc in the hopes that he would pursue her for once instead of it being the other way around. But he didn't, and her love for him prompted her to return. By then it was too late and he had struck a deal for immortality with Constance Clootie, who trapped him in the well. Kate knew that Doc was alive but didn't know where he was, so she became a vampire in order to continue looking for him. But Wynonna ended up being the one to find and free him.

Doc visits Wynonna in the barn later on. She tells him that she is not romantically interested in him now that he's a vampire. He declares that he became one so that he would be able to continue to be there for her and their daughter if anything were to happen to Wynonna. They agree to at least continue their work together in fighting off the Earp Curse. She says that the Ghost River Triangle protects the Garden of Eden. But the moment is interrupted by Bulshar who appears abruptly and blows some white powder in their faces.

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