Wynonna Earp S03E09 "Undo It" Recap

Waverly and Nicole continue to struggle to get Bulshar's ring off Waverly's finger. Waverly seems find with leaving it on for the time being but Nicole is more insistent that they find a way to get it off, even opting to go in search of some bolt cutters out in the barn. But she gets more than she bargained before, as she knocks before entering on Wynonna and Doc hooking up again. It's unclear what effect Bulshar's white powder has had on them until after Nicole goes back to the house. Then they are revealed to be surrounded by medieval soldiers that have Bulshar in the middle of their huddle.

Wynonna and Doc are later shown to be walking through the woods. When Wynonna ponders on how they're supposed to be stopping Bulshar, she is zapped by a mysterious force that makes her change her mind. The scene shifts to Wynonna and Doc still walking through the woods but they're actually following Bulshar's soldiers. When Wynonna begins to be aware of her surroundings, they attempt to force feed her something but are unable to get her to consume it. Bulshar is impressed by Wynonna's strength against his illusions but then he knocks her out and forces a stronger hallucination onto her.

Wynonna wakes in a mysterious room. She makes her way up and down some stairs and discovers she is in Doc's bar but is shot with an arrow. When she wakes again the arrow and injury are gone. She is in the basement of the bar and Doc is talking to her from a projection on some crates. Doc tells her that he can't see her and is trapped somewhere, unable to move. She goes in search of him but each time she ends up shot with an arrow and reawakens in the basement. Doc suggests that this is supposed to be some sort of torture but Wynonna won't give up her search of him.

Nicole brings Waverly to a jeweler to try to get the ring off but even with a powerful drill, nothing can get the ring off. The jeweler is creeping them out too, with his eerie fixation on the ring. Thankfully, they're called away on police business. They head to Kate's place and are shocked to find Mercedes. When last they'd seen her, her face had been stolen by one of Clootie's widows. Now that she's had her face reattached she is trying to put her life back together. She is attempting to hammer open a safe but to no avail. Nicole uses her gun to shoot the safe open and Mercedes is able to retrieve a substantial amount of cash she had stowed away. But they are interrupted by the jeweler, who followed them back and wants the ring. It turns out he's a demon hoping to get in good with Bulshar. He orders Waverly to cut the ring off, even at the cost of her own finger, under the threat of killing Nicole and Mercedes. Waverly lures him over and uses the ring to burn his face to some crispy embers.

Wynonna is trapped in her loop of death in the bar, unable to determine a way out of it. When the floor begins to burn, Wynonna runs out and finds herself in her own house. The reality outside of her hallucinations is that she has been tied to a tree and lying unconscious while experiencing Bulshar's hallucinations. Bulshar is gleeful at having bested her and declares his intention to force Wynonna to watch as he enters the Garden, destroys the world, and enslaves humanity.

In the illusion, another projection of Doc tells Wynonna he can feel the vibrations above him when Wynonna walks around her house. Wynonna determines that Doc is under the floorboards, and that dirt is slowly creeping in till he's buried alive. Wynonna goes to the barn in search of a crowbar so that she can free him. Bobo is there and she shoots him with Peacemaker which knocks her back to her house. She repeats this cycle of shooting Bobo and ending back up in the house, with Doc growing closer to being buried.

Waverly, Nicole, and Mercedes are all shaken by Waverly's retaliation against the demon. They're all in agreement that they need to get rid of it and Waverly is prepared to try to cut her own finger off to make it happen. But Mercedes intervenes and brings her an oven mitt to cover her hand until they can figure out another way to get it off.

Jeremy calls Waverly about an emergency. She goes with Nicole to meet him in the woods where he shows them some overgrown tree roots which have Bobo trapped in the middle, entranced.

Wynonna tries to ask the Bobo she's encountering to help her fight Bulshar but he refuses so the two attack and kill one another. Wynonna wakes once more in her house and Doc pleads with her to try once more to save him. At this exact moment, Waverly, Nicole, and Jermey manage to free the real Bobo, who tells them that Wynonna and Doc are still trapped in Bulshar's illusion. They decide to look for Wynonna and Doc but before they leave, Bobo notices Waverly's ring and tells her that it belongs to her father.

In the illusion, Wynonna returns to the barn but this time Bobo isn't there. She leaves the barn and encounters Bulshar. Bulshar taunts her about trapping Doc and stands near a door that serves as the way out. Wynonna tries to shoot Bulshar but the bullets don't hit him. He taunts her, that he is the one who created the revenants and so Peacemaker will only effect them. Bulshar wants Wynonna to surrender the gun since he can't seem to take it without her consent. Wynonna refuses. She goes back to the house and and breaks the floorboards open to free Doc from his imprisonment. Doc goes with her outside to fight Bulshar and he tells them they're free to go. Wynonna tries to shoot him again and this time he explodes. Wynonna and Doc pass through the door and find they are in the barn. There's a knock at the barn door and it's Nicole. But when Wynonna opens the door she is brought back to the beginning of the hallucination, all the way back in Doc's bar basement.

Wynonna is despondent. She drags herself up the stairs, opens, the door, and is back at the Homestead. Bulshar is there and says that she can't kill him. He is prepared to keep her trapped in this illusion. But no matter what he does, Wynonna refuses to give up, saying that Waverly will be looking for her. Bulshar claims that this isn't the case but it's actually true, since she is running through the woods with Nicole and Jeremy. They discover the staircase that Robin and Jeremy had found back in episode 4. Jeremy realises that these are the stairs to theGarden. Nicole tries to climb them but Jeremy stops her. Waverly has found Wynonna and Doc.

Bulshar is still trying to convince Wynonna to give up Peacemaker in the illusion. She comes to the realization that he needs it in order to get into the Garden. He blasts her with the sounds of her loved ones crying for help. He will only let them go if she surrenders. Wynonna hits her breaking point and hands the gun over just as Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy free her and Doc from the illusion.

Later on, Wynonna admits to Waverly that Bulshar beat her in the illusion. Waverly remains certain that they will find a way to win and points out that it's worse that the ring is still stuck on her hand. Waverly proposes that they will fight Bulshar at the stairs in the woods. Wynonna says that she didn't see any stairs, believing that they can only be seen by the righteous.

Finally, Mercedes feels off the bandages around her face which is now completely intact. Seemingly, Waverly touching her earlier with the ring had some sort of healing effect. What implications does this have for our heroes in the fight against Bulshar? We'll have to wait and see!

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