Wynonna Earp S03E10 "The Other Woman" Recap

Purgatory, 1887. A priest tells a story to a woman named Maeve. Bob is there, but this is while he was still known as Robert. His arrival comes with a warning, that Wyatt Earp is coming. The Father had hoped that they would be spared, but Robert tells them that Bulshar doesn't spare anyone. The Father gets Maeve to leave with the writing, which she is to bring home and hide. The Father tells Robert they need to get Peacemaker to the champion.

In present day, Wynonna is watching Bobo. He's being kept in a glass cage in the Black Badge offices. She hopes that he can offer some insight that will help her defeat Bulshar. But he's too far gone from the torture he suffered being trapped by Bulshar's illusion torture. Waverly and Jeremy arrive with coffee but Wynonna leaves, still feeling devastated for giving Bulshar Peacemaker.

Somewhere in Purgatory, a woman wearing a hazmat suit emerges from an old mine, declaring that the chosen one needs to "come and get it."

Waverly and Jeremy continue to work to try to come up with a plan or solution to the Bulshar problem. They go through a recap of everything they know Bulshar has done, until Bobo interrupts with rants about a book. He briefly experiences mental clarity and tells Waverly to ask Doc about a witch. This witch was defended by the Father when no one else would. Waverly is able to determine that Bobo had been talking about someone named Maeve. She asks Nicole to find Doc and question him about this mysterious woman.

Wynonna encounters Charlie in the barn working on her lawnmower. Charlie flirts with her but she's not in the mood, revealing to him that the apocalypse is set to occur in under 24 hours from now. Wynonna hugs Charlie to comfort him, given the magnitude of this revelation. Charlie admits he was worried that she had been avoiding him, and Wynonna explains that she had been preoccupied with fighting against Bulshar. They hear a sound and go outside where a woman is on the Homestead porch. Wynonna attacks when the woman notes that Wynonna doesn't have a gun, but the woman fights back. She introduces herself as Kevin and declares that she'll be helping Wynonna to save the world.

Kevin claims to be an ambassador whose job it is to maintain the balance in the world. Typically they don't interfere but she decided to do so upon noticing all that Bulshar had gotten up to. She claims to know of a weapon that can stop him. Kevin's bosses don't believe Wynonna can wield this weapon but Kevin was insistent that she could do it. Kevin warns that using the weapon will have a cost but Wynonna despondently replies that it always does.

Wynonna speaks with Charlie, who warns her that she can't be sure that Kevin is whom she claims to be. But Wynonna is so desperate at this point that she is willing to take the risk. She wants Charlie to leave and be safe but he wants to stay by her side and help her. Wynonna insists that it isn't about him, saddening Charlie who has deeper feelings for her. Wynonna thinks he's too needy. Charlie is insulted, as he just wants to help her. But Wynonna says it's not the time to have this discussion and they can revisit it after Bulshar has been defeated. Charlie leaves, upset at the lack of a resolution.

Waverly arrives and is confused to find Kevin going through the fridge. Wynonna explains the circumstances and though Waverly remains suspicious of Kevin Wynonna has resolved to take whatever help is left to try to help her stop Bulshar. Kevin goes to explain that Bulshar's severed arm is still in the mine where he had been originally entombed and it can be used as a weapon to stop him. The champion needs to be the one to retrieve it and create a weapon out of it to defeat Bulshar. Waverly is weary of this because the mine is unstable and could collapse on whomever goes in to try to get the arm. However, Wynonna and Waverly still opt to go retrieve the arm.

Doc is struggling at the bar given his lack of a sizable blood supply. Nicole asks if Kate can help him with this problem but she's nowhere to be found. Nicole asks about Maeve, and Doc says that she once kept a journal for the local priest. Nicole goes in search of this book and Maeve's home. Doc comes along but continues to struggle with his bloodthirst. He warns Nicole to shoot him if he loses control, and Nicole is more than prepared to do so since she's got a bullet clip filled with wooden bullets.

At Maeve's home, Doc shares how Maeve tended to be a bit of a loner. She didn't socialize with many men, and some locals even suspected her of being a witch. One day a mob attacked her and burned her at the stake. A few days later, Wyatt killed Bulshar while he was still Sheriff Clootie. Upon entering the home they discover that Maeve's descendants have long since abandoned it. The house is freezing cold so Doc heads to the fireplace to start a fire. The voice of Maeve speaks and admonishes them for entering the house. Doc tries to ask about the book but Maeve doesn't feel like sharing. She's locked in fire without a body and possess Nicole when she tries to reason with Maeve. Maeve requires a fresh body to become corporeal again. Upon realizing that Doc is a vampire she tells him that he will need to kill Nicole for her to give up the information.

Maeve won't be able to stay in Nicole for very long since Nicole's being is still in the body too. Doc is determined to not feed on Nicole so Maeve says he needs to find another body for her to possess and he will need to kill them in front of her so that she can possess them quickly before all the organs fail. Doc refuses this as well.

Wynonna and Waverly make it to the mine where something is already inside and screaming. An explosion goes off and a revenant emerges with a glowing hand. Waverly recalls that this was once a uranium mine so this revenant is radioactive. The revenant advances on Wynonna and Waverly, who recalls this particular revenant from her research but he was supposed to only have one arm. This means he's got Bulshar's arm attached to him. He burns Wynonna when she tries to punch him due to his radioactive state. But Wynonna no longer has Peacemaker to get rid of him. Wynonna faints from the pain of her injuries, leaving Waverly to fend the revenant off herself.

Robin visits the station and brings Jeremy lunch. But Doc interrupts the moment by ringing Jeremy up to ask him for help with Nicole being possessed. Jeremy is still upset with Doc for biting Robin, but agrees to help Nicole. Jeremy ends up being possessed by Maeve but she jumps back to Nicole's body after determining that Jeremy isn't entirely human. Jeremy is skeptical as to whether Maeve really has the book but they all believe that she does after spitting out a page of it through Nicole's mouth. Maeve tries again to goad Doc into letting her keep Nicole's body. She even goes so far as to threaten the book. This is the clue that Doc and Jeremy need to realise that it must be hidden in the fireplace. They recover the book, prompting Maeve to draw Nicole's gun on them. However, she has spent too long in Nicole's body and is forced out of it and back into the fireplace. Maeve then creates a roaring fire that sends Jeremy, Doc, and Nicole reeling back.

Waverly is dragging Wynonna away from the revenant, as she's still not fully conscious. She can't call for help since she can't manage to get a signal. They seek refuge in a house nearby, which turns out to belong to Mercedes. She reveals her restored face for the first time to them. They try to barricade the door with chairs and Mercedes shares how Waverly's touch was what healed her injuries. The revenant bursts in and attacks. Waverly uses Bulshar's ring to control the arm. After a bit of trial and error she is able to use it to force the revenant to choke himself out. Wynonna and Waverly then work together to rip the arm off of the revenant's body.

Firefighters arrive at Maeve's house, led by Charlie, who drags a coughing Doc out of the flames. Doc is grateful but immediately attacks Charlie and drains him, succumbing to his bloodlust. Nicole emerges from the house and is horrified by the sight, pulling her gun on him as Jeremy also comes over. Nicole warns Doc that she will kill him if she ever sees him again. He is upset but also laughs at the situation.

Kevin arrives at Mercedes' house and is surprised to find that Wynonna and Waverly have been successful. She then reveals that the arm isn't the actual weapon and that his was only a trial set to determine the champion. As it turns out, Waverly is declares the champion that will stop Bulshar. Waverly's father Julian had been one of the two angels who were supposed to protect the Garden. This begs the question of what Bulshar is.

Nicole, Jeremy, and Robin learn the answer to this query by going through the journal they retrieved from Maeve. Bulshar was Sheriff Clootie before, but even earlier than this he had lived in the Garden as a snake. He was the one who tempted Eve with the apple -- the Devil himself. Julian and the other angel had failed to keep Bulshar in the Garden. Their one chance to fix this needed to happen on the eve of the Pledge Moon. The next Pledge Moon will happen the very next day.

Kevin explains to Waverly and Wynonna that since Waverly is only half-angel it was unclear as to whether she would be able to wield the ring. With this trial against Bulshar's arm, she proved that she could. Waverly is the only who will be able to seal the Garden but the cost of this is that she will turn to stone. Wynonna is outraged by the notion of this and Waverly admits that she is uncertain if she can follow through on this task if that is the cost. Kevin berates Waverly for not stepping up to the task and says that her father would be disappointed in her.

Back at the station, Nicole looks at Charlie's body with the belief that Maeve will possess it. But Charlie hasn't woken up, leaving Nicole confused and saddened.

Waverly wonder if she really should sacrifice herself if it will save the world. Wynonna refuses to believe that destiny would take Waverly away in such a manner. As their conversation continues they realise that it is still light out even though it is nine o'clock at night.

Mercedes is waiting for a date. Someone knocks at the door but no one is seen when she opens it. She goes back inside and begins to close it, only for a hand to reach in and drag her back out.

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