Wynonna Earp S03E11 "Daddy Lessons" Recap

Waverly and Nicole ponder how to break the bad news to Wynonna that Doc murdered Charlie. After Nicole leaves the morgue, Waverly lays her hand on Charlie's neck and he is resurrected. Waverly runs out shocked by this dramatic turn.

Wynonna looks at a photo of Dolls and wonders what she should do next to stop Bulshar.

Nicole and Robin, who is acting as an emergency deputy, have teamed up to get the Purgatory civilians out of town. Even the wildlife is fleeing for sensing what's going on. Wynonna arrive and says she can't find Waverly. When Nicole can't give her any clues as to Waverly's location, Wynonna takes off in search of her sister. She finds Waverly in the woods by the stairs and when Waverly refuses to leave, she knocks her out and drives her off to safety. She tells Nicole about what she had to do and how Waverly didn't even know how she got to the stairs. She wants Nicole to get her out of town but Nicole doesn't think she could force her to do anything she didn't want to. The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Charlie. Nicole is shocked to see him alive but doesn't tell Wynonna about his death. They get Charlie to help get Waverly out of town.

Kate heads to Doc's bar where he has two humans he's brainwashed into becoming compliant to his desires. Kate is intrigued at this change in Doc and how he has fully embraced his vampire nature. He doesn't want to think about Wynonna or any real sense of morality. He proposes they drain the humans and indulge in their most carnal desires.

Bobo is still locked up in a glass cage at the Sheriff's station. When a gang of revenants show up, they are shocked to find him there. He tries to get them to let him out but they merely take the keys for themselves and raid the Sheriff's gun stash. When the revenants head outside they find Wynonna loading up her truck with her own supply of weapons. They're more willing to confront her since Bobo told them that she doesn't have Peacemaker anymore. She tries to shoot them with a different guy but it's not loaded so they take her captive with the intention of giving her up to Bulshar. The revenants tie her up and try to glam her up in anticipation of surrendering her to Bulshar. Wynonna tries and fails to reason with them to reconsider.

Charlie brings Waverly to her mother's greenhouse, believing it will be a safe place for them to wait until the fog dissipates. When he stares at a statue of an angel, Waverly asks what he sees but he dismisses this. He ties her up to try to keep her from following this compulsion to stop Bulshar by sacrificing herself at the stairs. Waverly asks Charlie more about himself and only beings to share once she reminds him they have plenty of time. He can't remember anything before he walked into Purgatory a few months ago. When Waverly touches his hand with her hand that wears the magical ring, he sees a recovered memory of telling the Fire Chief that all he wants is to help people.

Back at the bar, Doc and Kate wake after having drained both of the humans. Doc is still hungry and insists on finding more food with or without Kate. She follows him to the fire station which has been abandoned by everyone except the Chief. Doc demands to know where Charlie is but the Chief won't give him up until Kate shows up from behind which leaves him surrounded. The Chief instructs them on how to track Charlie's vehicle through GPS. Doc shoots the Chief and Kate also ends up shot in the process. Disoriented, he tells Kate that he needs Charlie's blood. She says there's something wrong with him but Doc says he'll be fine just as long as he can drink from Charlie again and leaves her bleeding.

The revenants are having a fancy dinner where Bulshar is set to attend. Mercedes is also there to welcome Wynonna. She seemingly has aligned herself with Bulshar but it's purely motivated by survival. She suggests that Wynonna do the same since she no longer has Peacemaker.

Charlie is beginning to panic at the greenhouse. He is confused by how the fog brought them there, the recovered memory from Waverly's ring, and now there are flowers blooming that shouldn't have bloomed so quickly. He says they need to leave and begins to unite her right at the time that they hear a car pull up. Charlie insists that they hide.

Kate drags herself to the Fire Chief's unconscious body when Nicole radios in trying to reach him, and uses it to ask for help.

At Bulshar's dinner he gives a speech and declares one of the revenants will be his first lieutenant on his journey the next day. Some of the revenants offer themselves and then Wynonna does the same. She wants one shot to protect her sister and is willing to fight for Bulshar if that's what it takes. Bulshar is enraged and orders that she be thrown in a cell.

While Waverly and Charlie hide under a table, she tries to question him further. When he touches her ring again Waverly sees a memory of him with her mother. This causes Waverly to realise that Charlie is her father. He is reeling from the memories coming back so Waverly tells him to stay put and emerges to confront Doc, who has come into the greenhouse. Doc can smell that her blood smells like Charlie's and Waverly declares that Charlie is actually Julian, her father.

Mercedes talks to Wynonna and points out that it's the first time she's seen Wynonna scared. Bulshar had jerked his hand back when Wynonna tried to reach for him. One of the revenants comes over to the cage and points out that there won't be any revenants without the Earp curse. They need Wynonna's family to stay cursed or they will cease to exist. Wynonna thinks that she can hurt Bulshar if she can touch him. The revenant figures out that it's because when you curse someone there is a cost to yourself. Wynonna is Bulshar's cost. The revenant unlocks the cage and Wynonna prepares herself to take on Bulshar.

Back at the greenhouse, Doc is highly amused by the revelation that Charlie is Julian given that he had been hooking up with Wynonna. Waverly reminds Doc that he loves Wynonna and Doc says that she's lying. Waverly tries to remind him of his love but he tries to attack her instead, overcome with hunger for angel blood. The two get into a fight and Waverly gets knocked down near Charlie. He reaches for her hand and grabs her ring. Waverly says it won't come off but Julian says it will for him. He removes the ring and puts it on his own hand. Doc tries to attack but Julian easily knocks him back into an angel statue that breaks. Charlie's wings unfold and he explains that he wandered outside the Ghost River Triangle until she also crossed outside of it. She was the light that guided him back. Waverly is worried that Doc may die but Julian says there's no time. Doc tearfully says goodbye to Doc.

Nicole patches Kate up and explains that Doc fed on something that he shouldn't have and now it's changed him. Kate is overcome with guilt and decides to read some tarot cards. At first, there's only death but then things start to change. Hope is beginning to rise.

At the dinner, Wynonna walks up to Bulshar. A revenant attacks her and the two fight until another revenant breaks up the scuffle. Wynonna gets up and marches towards Bulshar. He tells Mercedes to lock her back up but she refuses. Bulshar leaves and Wynonna rallies the other revenants to her side and points out that Bulshar wants them to fight each other so that they won't focus their attentions on him instead. They decide to work with her to stop him.

Doc wakes in the greenhouse and discovers a wrapped-up sword in the remains of the angel statue.

Robin and Jeremy are at the station. Bobo encourages Jeremy not to give up and then Jeremy has an epiphany that there is a key in Bulshar's DNA. But he'll need to get some more beakers at displace. Robin wants to bring Bobo with them but Jeremy refuses. Robin is reluctant but ultimately leaves with Jeremy, leaving Bobo in his cage.

Wynonna and her new army march through town in preparation of their fight.

Bulshar arrives at the station and points out that Bobo is alone. Bobo says that he tried to help the humans but he did too many bad things so they rejected him. Bulshar points out that he isn't one of them and offers Bobo a job, which he accepts.

Wynonna Earp airs on Fridays on Syfy at 9/8c.


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