Wynonna Earp S03E12 "War Paint" Recap

Wynonna gives her new army of revenants a pep talk. She admits that she's loved killing them and that it's the only thing she was ever good at. But now she's willing to share her land with them so they can battle together to defeat Bulshar. She brings them onto her once-protected land so they can first drink together before battle.

Meanwhile, Bulshar is at the stairs with his soldiers. He turns Peacemaker into a sword and inserts it into a crevice in the stairs and gets one of his soldiers to enter the Garden. Moments after he entered, his head rolls out. Bulshar notes that the soldier wasn't righteous or mortal, and neither is he yet. He orders his soldiers to kill everyone and Bobo to bring him Earp blood.

Waverly reunites with Wynonna at the Homestead. She's surprised to learn about the new revenant army but not as surprised as Wynonna upon learning that Charlie is actually Julian, Waverly's father. She even observes him spread his wings.

Jeremy is still trying to crack the science that will beat Bulshar and Robin assures him that he can do this. Jeremy tries to come up with anti-venom of sorts but then he gets a vision that Doc is in trouble which prompts him to kick things into high-gear.

Wynonna is still reeling from the revelation that she had been hooking up with Waverly's father, noting that their mother won't be happy about this. But Waverly reminds her that their mother isn't there with them and also breaks the news that Doc has developed a ravenous hunger fo angel blood. Wynonna notes that she'll need to find Doc anyway and Waverly agrees but first she'll need to find Nicole.

Nicole is still with Kate who is on the mend after Doc shot her. Kate reads the tarot cards and tells her that Waverly is with Wynonna and also that Waverly is not 'with' Charlie, but 'of' him. But their train of thought gets interrupted by the arrival of Bulshar's soldiers. Kate and Nicole fight them off and manage to kill them but not without Nicole getting injured. Mercedes then enters the house and agrees to look after Kate while Nicole while go find others to help the Earps in the fight against Bulshar.

Jeremy finally hits a breakthrough, believing he has figured out the anti-venom. He's not quite as excited as he could be, since there's still an approximate four months worth of work left to actually make it. But it's then that Bulshar's soldiers arrive and surround him and Robin. However, Sheriff Nedley then enters with an even bigger and gun and tells the boys to duck before firing off on the soldiers.

Nicole stumbles down the road trying to find Waverly but her injuries become too much. She collapses and is found by Doc.

Wynonna approaches Julian, who now has regained all his memories and professes how much he loved Wynonna's mother. But their conversation is interrupted by Doc, who has brought Nicole along to get help. Wynonna and Julian work on helping her in the barn while Doc observes.

Waverly is in the house leaving Nicole a voicemail. When she enters the room she is met by Bobo. She asks if he will help them but Bobo says that even if he wanted to he is of Bulshar now, coughing up dirt to demonstrate this fact. He asks her to set him free when the time comes, as the two always had a special connection.

Julian tells Wynonna he can fix Nicole but there will be a price to pay; there always is. He helps Nicole when Wynonna tells her she's the love of Waverly's life. Julian leaves to find Waverly and on the way out of the barn he encounters Doc, who no longer seems fixated on feeding on angel blood. Doc gives him the sword he found in the angel statue. Julian says he lost it a long time ago and that if Doc's soul was truly compromised he wouldn't have been able to hold it.

Nedley has defeated the soldiers and Jeremy has yet another epiphany about how to create something that will help in the fight against Bulshar without having to take four months to do it.

Julian enters Waverly's room and sees her sitting with Bobo. He offers to end Bobo's life but Bobo says he's already chosen his exit strategy and leaves father and daughter to talk. Julian tells Waverly that Nicole is safe and she is upset since she didn't even know Nicole was injured. But Julian stops her and explains that healing Nicole took all of his power. He gives her back the ring and says she needs it now more than he does. Then more noises sound, signaling that Bulshar and his soldiers have arrived at the Homestead.

Waverly tries to run towards Wynonna who is fighting alongside Doc and the revenants. But Julian stops her as a series of grenades rains down on them. The revenants distract the soldiers' gunfire so Wynoonna can run to the house to get some "real" guns. Waverly and Julian toss her a rifle while Doc runs to the barn to protect Nicole. She is afraid of him but he promises not to hurt her, and begins to shoot the soldiers as they raid the barn.

Waverly, Wynonna, and Julian shoot at soldiers from the house but Bobo sneaks up from behind and drags Wynonna out to Bulshar. His soldiers hold her down while Bulshar nicks her hand to get some blood. Another soldier approaches Wynonna with a chaindsaw but Julian kills him before he can harm her. Bulshar recognises Julian who tells him not to enter the Garden. When Bulshar notices that he doesn't have his ring he uses some magic to force him to his knees while Bobo stabs him with the sword Bulshar made from Peacemaker. Bobo charges Wynonna with the sword but Doc starts shooting at him from behind. Bobo says that mortal weapons won't kill him so Waverly uses her ring power to kill him instead, saying he could've been better and free. Bobo thanks her in his dying moments.

In the woods, Bulshar throws something into a fire formed from skulls. Wynonna and the other revenants run towards him but the revenants disappear. Wynonna attempts to tackle Bulshar but he disappears. Wynonna then lies shaken in the snow and Waverly runs over to her asking what's wrong. Wynonna says that she can feel that Bulshar broke the Earp curse.

They return to the Homestead where Waverly sits with her father's body and says that she tried to wake him up but the ring won't wake him anymore. She explains everything else that's going on to Robin and Jeremy. Jeremy pulls out a vial of something he's been working on that'll give them a fighting chance.

Doc is in the barn, saddened by the recent events and his own actions. Wynonna shows up and he apologises to her for Charlie. She says he was the love of her mother's life and died to save Waverly. Wynonna goes on to say how Bulshar used her blood to break the curse because he needs to be mortal to enter the Garden. She could've killed him with her touch when they were linked by the curse. So now that they are unlinked he is vulnerable in a new way. Doc admits he's done terrible things but is willing to fight to the end for her. Wynonna kisses him and uses the distraction to handcuff him to a ladder. She can't trust him after everything he's done. He points out that handcuffs won't keep him trapped but she explains that the rope soaked in holy water that she's surrounded him with will.

Nicole and Waverly talk on the porch. Nicole comforts Waverly about the death of Julian and Waverly proposes to her with Julian's ring but before they can discuss the matter further Wynonna calls them inside to plan their final hurrah.

Jeremy explains to the team that he's made a crypsis. If they dab it on themselves Bulshar's soldier's won't be able to detect them. Then they can sneak up on Bulshar and take him out once and for all. Wynonna offers them a chance to leave but they all say they're going with her. However, Wynonna refuses to lose any other loved ones and Nicole, Jeremy, and Robin pass out because Wynonna drugged the drinks she gave them.

Wynonna takes the crypsis and heads to the woods. Waverly chases after her, furious at her for drugging the drinks and saying she didn't drink any. Wynonna tells her she didn't drug her drink as she believes they are the backups for Julian and his fellow angel guardian of the Garden. They put on the crypts and head to the stairs which Wynonna still can't see. Wynonna attacks Bulshar who has begun to turn into a snake. However, he manages to evade her attack. Bulshar taunts Wynonna that only a hero can wield the sword against a demon. Waverly says that only an angel can name a hero, something her father taught her before Bulshar killed him. Waverly names Wynonna as a hero and tosses her the sword. Now Wynonna can see the stairs and the sword lights in blue flames. Bulshar tries to taunt Wynonna further but she attacks with all the fury.

Waverly realises that she can't get off the stairs to the Garden. Wynonna and Bulshar fight and as Wynonna is beating him he proposes that they enter the Garden together and rule as one. Wynonna stabs him in the heart and he turns into a full-blown snake and bites her. Bulshars bursts into yellow flames and Wynonna collapses. Waverly is distraught at still being trapped on the stairs, unable to help Wynonna.

Doc runs up and sucks Wynonna's blood and spits out the poison. Her life is saved. The door to the Garden opens and a strange branch emerges that twists around Waverly and pulls her into the Garden. Wynonna can't break past the invisible barrier blocking the stairs. The doors close after Waverly is pulled inside. Doc and Wynonna hear a deafening sound and after it stops Doc removes his gun belt and approaches the stairs. Wynonna says he can't go in because he's not mortal but he manages to walk through the barrier anyway. He tells Wynona she is the Guardian and the only one who can wield the flaming sword. He enters the Garden to find Waverly.

Wynonna returns to the Homestead and finds it empty. Nicole, Jeremy, and Robin, and everyone else are gone. The only thing left is a word scratched on the wall: Valdez. She walks through town and find it deserted. She heads to Doc's bar and finally finds someone left: Sheriff Nedley. He tells her everyone in Purgatory has disappeared except for them. Wynonna says something in the Garden was trying to come through to get all the people. Nedley asks if the people are still alive in there and Wynonna says they are. They decide to team up to get them back.

Wynonna Earp will return to Syfy for season 4 in 2019.


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