Charmed S01E04 "Exorcise your Demons" Recap

Six months ago, Angela had sought advice from Marisol about coming forward regarding being sexually harassed by her professor. In the present day, the sisters have been tasked with watching over her as the Harbinger while waiting for the Elders to arrive and deal with the situation. Maggie is further stressed by the situation since she is struggling to keep up with her academics. Niko and her partner Tripp arrive to question the sisters about the strange happenings at their party. An Elder named Charity Callahan arrives just in time and poses as an interior decorator to throw the police off the trail given there were strange noises coming out of the attic during the questioning.

After Niko and Tripp leave, Charity tells the sisters that there is no way to save Angela and that they need to use the Power of Three to kill her. Mel and Maggie oppose this decision but Macy is in favour of it as she has applied a more objective, scientific analysis of the situation. Mel later determines that Angela's soul is still in there by performing a lost soul spell. Charity still says that it's too dangerous to try to risk an exorcism but even Macy comes around to the idea of saving Angela once she rethinks the emotional aspect of trying to save someone.

Maggie goes to one of her classes and meets her sorority leader Lucy there, who asks her boyfriend Parker to help Maggie study for the upcoming midterm. Maggie is stressed by this point since she had previously had a flirtation with Parker before knowing that he was Lucy's boyfriend. Mel and Maggie run off with Angela against Charity's orders and must be extra discrete when Mel notices Tripp trying to follow them.

Charity is angered when she, Macy, and Harry find that Angela is missing. Charity privately reveals to Macy that many years ago she had helped Marisol perform a spell to extract a painful memory that she now realises was her way of being able to carry on from the trauma of abandoning Macy. Harry has found Mel and Maggie but agree to help them upon learning that Angela's soul is still alive. Macy later joins her sisters and Harry to ask to help them save Angela.

Maggie steps out of the facility where Angela is being held momentarily and runs into Parker. The two share a moment and Maggie kisses him due to her attraction to him but also to keep him from looking over through a window and seeing Angela. She feels guilty over kissing someone that isn't single so she asks him to leave.

The sisters discover that their wrote a secret spell of exorcism based in Santería that only they can use to save Angela. Charity shows up and tries to get them to perform the ritual killing but they stand their ground and insist on performing the spell. Charity reluctantly agrees. The spell is successful but a piece of debris goes flying and kills Tripp who had just arrived after following them there.

Maggie decides to study for the midterm on her own. Mel learns from Niko that Charity covered up the mysterious circumstances of Tripp's death by framing him for Angela's crimes. Finally, a mysterious man uses a hypnotic power to get Charity to give him the vessel that she was keeping the Harbinger trapped in after it was exorcised from Angela.

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