DCON Exclusive Arcane Divination Azazel Blood Milk Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser Special Drop on Kidrobot.com!! Limited number available online right now!

DCON Exclusive Azazel Blood Milk Dunny

Surprise Drop on Kidrobot.com

Couldn't make it to Designer Con this weekend?  Kidrobot has saved an extremely small number of the DCON Exclusive Arcane Divination Azazel Blood Milk 5" Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser for Kidrobot.com.  Get them before they sell out!
“Sitting atop crumbling ruins, ever waiting, for I am the guardian and the herald.” 
Ever watchful, this winged creature is marked as the fallen angel thrown to eternal fire. The creature stands as a representation of the human spirit’s need for rebellion, temptation, and the seductive lure of the unknown. Fused with “carved marble” and “porcelain” brought together in pieces to make a whole, this broken figure is a small part of the bigger plan. Encapsulating centuries of evil magic from the infernal hierarchy, the Arcane Divination Azazel 5” Dunny by UK artist Jon-Paul Kaiser stands as the warning of something new coming to the mortal realm...
This uniquely sculpted fallen angel Dunny is the DCON Exclusive version (limited to 200 units worldwide) and only available during Designer Con 2018.  We held back a few of this DCON exclusive for surprise Designer Con Kidrobot.com drop!  Get it right now!
DCON Arcane Divination Azazel Blood Milk 5" Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser
DCON Arcane Divination Azazel Blood Milk 5" Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser
Arcane Divination is a Kidrobot multi-artist collection of Dunny designs based on Tarot cards featuring the art of Jon-Paul Kaiser, GODMACHINE, Tokyo Jesus, Camilla D’Errico and series curator J*RYU. The SOLD OUT Arcane Divination Mini Series launched this collectible series and the 2017 releases of the limited edition Arcane Divination Clairvoyant 8" Dunny's SOLD OUT immediately with each release! The Arcane Divination series is now available in collectible limited edition Arcane Divination enamel pins and the 20" Clairvoyant Dunny Art Figures at Kidrobot.com. The Arcane Divination Mini Series was awarded Best Mini Series at the 2018 Designer Toy Awards and it's rumored that a new Arcane Divination series featuring the next collection of Tarot cards might be in the works for a 2019 release...


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