Manifest S01E03 "Turbulence" Recap

Ben, Grace, and Michaela watch the news story about Kelly's death, shocked. Ben suspects that something is wrong especially since Kelly had been speaking to the media about what had happened. Upstairs, Cal is shocked to see Olive sneaking out. She tells him to keep this secret from their parents.

Saanvi calls Ben to inform him that she's found a strange isoprotein in Cal's blood that is normally produced by an ischemic stroke. It wasn't there before the plane ride but is present now. She promises to keep looking and inform him if she learns anything else. Ben then leaves with Michaela to visit Kelly's crime scene and are able to learn a bit about the circumstances surrounding her murder until the NSA arrives and takes control of the investigation and outs Ben and Michaela as fellow passengers from Flight 828.

Michaela informs Ben that Kelly was hearing the message "own your truth" in her head since she herself has been hearing it. They decide to continue their investigation into Kelly's death and visit her husband Patrick and the housekeeper Christine.

Michaela is being haunted by the memory of her best friend Evie dying in a car crash during which Michaela was the one driving. Afterwards Evie's parents Glen and Beverly blamed Michaela. She decides to visit them and 'own her truth' but is shaken to learn that Beverly has dementia and prone to forgetting that Evie is actually dead. Glen is no longer angry at Michaela, having had time to grieve and forgive her.

Saanvi calls Ben again to tell her that she found the same isoprotein in her own blood that she found in Cal's. He ends the call when he is distracted by finding a condom in Olive's room. A boy named Kevin then comes to visit. He was best friends with Cal before the flight but now there is a separation between the two since they're no longer the same age. Cal runs inside when he sees his once best-friend aged and Kevin had asked to see Olive. When Ben tells Grace he found some footprints out back, Cal interrupts them to say that Olive snuck out. She is upset at Cal for ratting her out and informs him and Ben that she and Kevin have been dating. Privately, Ben and Grace talk about the changes in their lives. Grace approves of the relationship, saying that Kevin has been good for Olive. Ben is reluctant but only because it's such a significant adjustment for his little girl to now be a teenager dating.

The NSA presses local law enforcement to let them have access into spying on Michaela, particularly since she has displayed an almost super-human ability to solve crimes since she returned from Flight 828. Vance tries to force Jared into calling him with updates on what Michaela is doing. Jared takes the card but later disposes of it, refusing to rat her out.

Michaela tries to overcome her fear of driving and upon visiting Glen, learns that Beverly has wandered off. Michaela manages to track her down and save her from being hit by a car. The driver that nearly hit her was Christine who is holding a necklace that Michaela recognises as having belonged to Kelly. Christine admits to having killed her because she was in love with Kelly's husband.

Michaela confides in Jared that something has changed in her since Flight 828 and she doesn't know how to explain it. He affirms that she is a good person and vows to stand by her side. Finally, the NSA are shown to be taking custody of Kelly's body for further examination.

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