Manifest S01E07 "S.N.A.F.U." Recap

At the heart of this week's episode, we find a healing moment for Michaela. It's especially necessary given the awkwardness of her friendly dinner with Jared and Lourdes. It's difficult to focus on maintaining your composure and compartmentalizing your feelings when your 'magical' instincts are pointing you towards Carlos, a young man in need of help. After Carlos' uncle was murdered in a robbery, Michaela deduces that Carlos is refusing to identify the culprit in a line-up because he wants to enact vengeance himself. Carlos decides to turn over the gun but Michaela is still the one to stop the murderer just as he's about to rob and likely kill another victim, this time an elderly man. The greatest revelation comes when Michaela learns that Carlos was the recipient of a heart transplant, and more specifically received the heart from Michaela's dead friend Evie.

Ben's episodic arc balances his newfound vigor to investigate the origins of these abilities and the uneasy circumstances regarding his home life. Olive is still spending time with Danny, and Ben must learn to adjust to this presence in the family dynamic he used to know. The lack of resolution shows that things are far from over regarding this plot point, which we fully expect to ebb and flow in dramatic contributions to the ongoing story. But the more pressing matter is Ben's new job as a low-level accountant at J.P. Williamson. He's looking to find information about Fiona Clarke, who is shown to have helped Kelly Taylor with her luggage while on Flight 828. From Fiona, Ben and we as an audience learn about the Singularity Project, a hive mind experiment the government had been working on. It's certainly an interesting potential explanation for what happened to those on board the plane, but it's far too early for this to be all there is to the story.

Manifest airs on Mondays on NBC at 10/9c.


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