Manifest S01E08 "Point of No Return" - New Promotional Images Released

In previews for the upcoming "Manifest" episode ("Point of No Return") a few significant plot points are teased. Michaela is saving a man on the verge of jumping off a rooftop; our best guess is that the voices she tends to hear will be back in action and guiding her towards saving at least this one person if not even more. She's also alongside Jared again and we're still holding out hope that she will finally admit to him that she still has romantic feelings for him. Ben and Grace are also having a romantic night out, in an effort to rekindle the spark that has lost its freshness after Ben disappeared for all those years with the other Flight 828 passengers. What do you think of these new photos? Preview them below!

Manifest airs on Mondays on NBC at 10/9c.


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