Manifest S01E08 "Point of No Return" Review

It's finally time for Cal to return to school. Olive takes it upon herself to look after him and make sure that he can acclimate with as little stress as possible. The underlying uneasy feeling of seeing him back while kids whisper amongst themselves about him being one of the Flight 828 passengers matches the ongoing tone of the show in general given the mysteries still unsolved about what caused the flight's disappearance and .

Michaela and Jared are as angst-ridden as ever and seriously, something needs to give already. Michaela learns that Jared and Lourdes had previously been planning on trying to start a family. But her manner of learning this is that Grace ran into Lourdes at the store where she was shopping for a fertility kit. At no point has anyone asked Jared what it is that he wants now that Michaela has returned. It's just as much his decision in this complicated situation as it is the other two members of this love triangle. It's just stalling for stalling sake at this point.

Michaela fails to save an 828 passenger named Harvey from jumping off the roof of a synagogue. He had been claiming that he is the "Angel of Death" but it's nothing bu more cryptic messages from mysterious voices telling Grace "don't lose him" repeatedly. There's other plot points presented in the episode regarding Ben and Vance's team-up to learn more about the Singularity project. Without more developments or answers, it's not worth discussing in much detail. Hopefully next week will offer more on this matter so we can dig in.

Manifest airs on Mondays on NBC at 10/9c.


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