Midnight, Texas S02E03 "To Witch Hell and Back" Review

An ominous curse is still putting in Bobo in danger, much to Fiji's horror when she indulges in the view of him having a shower. She reaches out to Manfred for help in finding the answer when she seeks contact with her dead aunt in Witch-Hell. Manfred's mutual attraction with Patience is growing, especially while Kai is away on a trip. But Patience isn't the only married person finding themselves attracted to someone outside of their nuptials, as Joe goes demon-hunting with Walker again. But which moments of the episode stood out the most this week? Let's explore.

"The light was on"

Manfred continues to throw himself into whatever situations will help his friends. It speaks to how deeply he cares for the family he has made for himself in Midnight and is perhaps a coping mechanism to quell the loneliness after Creek left him. The flirtation with Patience is a bit lukewarm in our estimation but the nightmarish sequence of Manfred navigating Witch-Hell while Fiji seeks out answers from her dead aunt was some truly excellent horror filmmaking. The more practical approach to the effects through costuming, prosthetics, red lighting and quality camera work is truly a feast for the eyes.

"I needed a change"

It's still unclear what the larger plan is for Joe's growing flirtation with Walker, the demon-hunter. We're not necessarily opposed to an eventual throuple with Joe's husband but it does seem fishy since Joe's meetings with Walker have largely been kept secret. Nonetheless it's exciting to see our rouge Angel back in action and kicking demon butt, particularly since he's so good at it. The haircut may seem like an inconsequential addition to the episode so we have to presume that it speaks to some sort of symbolism that Joe is finding a new part of himself. Regardless of being an immortal, there's still room for Joe to evolve and explore new sides of his character. What better way to revamp his life on earth than to put his strength to use and fight off demonic threats to the peaceful town of Midnight?

"This curse has nothing to do with sex"

It took an entire season to get this beautiful couple together and only three episodes to tear them apart again. Bobo and Fiji have been robbed of happiness yet again once Fiji finds out that the curse is after Bobo regardless of whether or not the pair get handsy with one another. As long as Bobo loves Fiji his life is in danger. To be quite frank, our skepticism of this plot line doesn't merely stem from our adoration of the pair together. Why is it only coming after Bobo now when the two had been together for a sufficient amount of time already? It feels more like an executive need to stir up drama when there's already plenty of supernatural threats to add excitement to the show. But we'll give credit where credit is due, and note that Parisa Fitz-Henley gave a beautifully heartbreaking performance when Fiji forced herself to break up with Bobo.


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