Midnight, Texas S02E04 "I Put a Spell On You" - New Promotional Images Released

The fourth episode of "Midnight, Texas" is keeping up the show's fast pace, or at least we're predicting as much based on the promotional images NBC just released. In addition to Manfred riling up a crowd while waving around a wad of cash, there's plenty of other juicy tidbits being previewed. Manfred and Patience are growing closer, further evidence that Manfred isn't the best at making smart choices. Patience is a married woman, Manfred, you naughty boy. Lem is holding a newborn baby while the mother of that child is lying on the ground with a bloody abdomen. We're guessing that she's dead but we'll have to tune in to be sure. What do you all think of these new images? Preview them below!


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