Midnight, Texas S02E04 "I Put a Spell on You" Review

If you ever wanted to know what a baby weretiger is like in he Midnightverse, this episode is just what you need. When a woman dies giving birth to one that she hoped the Rev would look after, Olivia and Lem become parental figures to a rapidly aging weretiger that's set to become eighteen (physically/psychologically) in just a few days. Though this week's episodic supernatural story doesn't do much to build on the larger mysteries building in town, it does offer a deeper character insight for Olivia. Her father abandoned her at a young age and then her step-mother tricked her out for drug money. Arielle Kebbel finally get the opportunity to be more vulnerable in a way she hadn't previously. It's only logical that it would take time for Olivia to reveal these character insights since she is such a guarded character. We can only hope that the series will be renewed so this type of character content can continue across all the leads.

Manfred's very good at making bad decisions. Though he's still licking his wounds after the dissolution of his relationship with Creek it hardly seems wise to fall into bed with a married woman, regardless of how well he and Patience work together in their investigatory work. Admittedly it makes for an exciting escalation in what's to come once Kai returns to town. Manfred hasn't been able to continue his investigation into Kai specifically but previews have already shown that next week's episode will see him back in action. We're hoping it gives François Arnaud another opportunity to do some extreme supernatural acting since it's one of his greatest strengths.


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