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NEW Designer Con DCON Dunny Mini Series

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In celebration of ALL the individuals that have helped build and keep alive this thriving art community, Kidrobot is proud to introduce the first Designer Con Dunny Series.  This Dunny Mini Series celebrates art featuring 18 individual Dunny designs from a few of the countless artists who have been a part of DCON's growth through the years.
Over 15 years ago, Kidrobot brought art to life in the form of vinyl for the first time.  Through our history we have tried to support the creators, the groundbreakers, the artist and the art.  While our organization has evolved throughout the years as all organizations must do in order to stay alive, our core principles and mission of bringing art to life still remains.  Supporting the art community, inspiring creation and providing a platform to bring emerging / groundbreaking artists to the forefront is at the root of who we are and what we believe in. 
From the passionate specialty art toy stores and gallery owners who have continued to support art, imagination and creativity... to the tens and hundreds of thousands of people who appreciate, support and share art, artists, and those who challenge the boring with others... to the artists who have kept believing, creating, pushing, hustling and sacrificing for the opportunity to introduce something new into this world, THIS SERIES IS IN CELEBRATION OF YOU!!
It started in 2005 in a 1100 sq. ft room and titled “VTN” (Vinyl Toy Network.) Fast forward to 2017 to over 500 vendors and 35,000 people in attendance, Designer Con aka DCON is now one the most highly anticipated annual events in the designer toy scene.  Celebrating artists that are part of (or have been part of) Designer Con over the years, the Kidrobot x DCON Vinyl Figure Mini Series is a shout out to artists loyalty and creativity. Highlighting different art, styles, and design, this mini-series is a small bite out of the extensive talent that Art and events bring together.
  • Jewel Guardian Dunny by Christopher Lee - 1/24
  • Claude from the Pod Dunny by Greg "Craola" Simkins - 1/24
  • The Kraken Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser - 2/24
  • Flat Bonnie Shark Dunny by Flat Bonnie - 2/24
  • Flat Bonnie Dunny Plush by Flat Bonnie - 2/48
  • ? Mystery Dunny Chase - ??/??
  • Black Magick Dunny by Chet Zar - 1/24
  • Big Mouth Deph Dunny by Deph - 2/72
  • Percy Dunny by Ragnar - 3/48
  • Shao Ro the Kung Fu Dunny by Hyperactive Monkey - 2/48
  • Julius Bunny Dunny Blue by Paul Frank - 2/24
  • ? Mystery Dunny Chase - ??/??
  • DCON Vincent Dunny by Scott Tolleson - 3/24
  • Kung Fu by KaNO - 3/48
  • Julius Bunny Dunny Pink by Paul Frank - 1/24
  • Shao Ro the Kung Fu Dunny by Hyperactive Monkey - 3/24
  • ? Mystery Dunny Chase - ??/??
  • Claude from the Pod Dunny by Greg "Craola" Simkins - 1/24
Each quantity ordered equals one blind box Dunny.  To order a casepack, order 24 units.
How it works: Add 24+ units of the DCON Dunny Series to your order and check out! The first 35 USA orders with 24+ units will have the Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Big Mouth Deph Dunny added to their order as a free gift from Kidrobot! You won't know if you were one of the first 35 orders until you get your package.
This series releases at 10am MST sharp!  Refresh the Dunny page until it shows!  Adding to your cart does not reserve you the GWP.  First 35 USA orders with 24+ units submitted will get the GWP!


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