The Gifted S02E03 "coMplications" Recap

Six years ago Marcos visited his dying father. Marcos makes one last attempt to connect with him but his father rejects him because he is a mutant.

In the present day Lorna is insistent that Marcos is needed to help Dawn's jaundice. All the medical treatments the doctors are trying, it would seem that the only answer is Marcos' powers. The regular light therapy treatments haven't been effective. Marcos has been drinking his sorrows away and John is angry at Marcos for the giant light display he put into the sky for all the city to see. John tells him he needs to stay home and pull himself together while John and Clarice will go out in search of Erg.

Caitlin reaches out to Reed to apologise for how things have gone between them, also expressing a concern for Lauren's well-being. She asks Reed to look in on her and suggesting bringing Lauren along on the supply run he is about to go on. He reluctantly agrees, still stressed about the resurgence of his powers.

Marcos goes out to a diner to clear his head and begins to hear the voices of the Frosts. He follows the voices out back where the sisters tell him he is needed because something is wrong with the baby. He willingly goes with them and even puts the bag over his head so he won't see the location as they drive to it.

Lauren and Reed are on the back from the supply run when Reed's powers fully manifest. He melts the steering wheel and it causes the car to crash. They are relatively unharmed but Reed warns Lauren that they need to get out of there before they are seen. They grab the supplies from the car and  run away from the road. Reed is apologetic, saying he should have pulled over sooner. Lauren asks Reed how long he was going to hide his powers but with the arrival of police cars there's no time to talk.

John and Clarice go into the sewers in search of Erg but struggle to find anything. Clarice suggests they turn back but John gets angry and insists that they stay put since it's the only lead they have. Clarice uses her powers to see past what Erg's group wants to see and she and John jump through a portal. They are immediately surrounded by armed men who order them to come with them.

Jace Turned heads to D.C. in contrast of what he had told his wife about leaving behind his hunt for the mutants. He befriends some local law enforcement and offers up his advice on certain things, including his theory that the recent light display in the sky being the result of Marcos' powers.

Marcos reaches the Inner Circle headquarters and meets Reeva who orders him to help the baby after which he will leave. He is also reunited with Andy, who acts cold and disconnected despite their having once been friends. Marcos is stunned to see Lorna again and overjoyed to meet his daughter, Dawn. He holds her and activates his powers to gently treat her jaundice. Lorna is insistent that he not make the reunion harder than it needs to be and not try to rekindle things between them.

John and Clarice are brought to Erg, who only wants to speak to Clarice alone. He explains that the mutants who live down in the sewer are doing so to stay away from everyone else. Erg is willing to offer them the information they want on the Inner Circle and only trusts Clarice because she is someone who is visibly a mutant (when she's not disguising her distinct features) and that her portal powers are special. The information he's offering will be traded in exchange for Clarice being his spy for what's happening on the surface.

Jace Turner visits the scene of the crash and follows the blood trail. He spots Reed and Lauren right as they're making their getaway in a stolen car but they don't see him running after the car. He is shocked to see them since they had been thought to be dead. Reed says he wants to keep the powers secret from Caitlin until he can figure out what's happening but Lauren says that keeping secrets are what got their family into this state of disarray in the first place. She later admits to an occasion where she accidentally broke some windows when a when a boy tried to assault her. She was going to tell Reed but when he came to pick her up, he mentioned some anti-mutant sentiments and she felt inclined to keep it secret from that point on.

Clarice returns to John and offers up some intel which involves the Frosts being spotted by one of the sewer mutants trying to look into the Health Department.

Marcos cures Dawn and is ordered to give her back to the Inner Circle daughter. Lorna thanks him for curing her and Marcos gifts her a rattle he made specially for Dawn. Marcos makes a heartfelt plea to come home and despite Lorna admitting she loves him too she insists that she and Dawn need to stay so that Lorna can fight for a better future for Dawn. The Frost sisters work to try to overpower Marcos but he is able to break through their abilities, shout out to Lorna that they're lying to her and are in her head and fight his way back. However, Reeva uses her own powers to beat him and instructs Andy to escort him out.

Jace returns to the local law enforcement and tries to give the information he has learned about the Struckers being alive but they won't listen to him as they've learned about his being let go from Sentinel Services.

Clarice and John return home and she doesn't admit about what Erg asked her to do. Clarice pleads with John to open up to her about what's bothering him and he admits that Evangeline said that John failed the people he was supposed to lead, that Lorna and Andy will never get out of the Inner Circle, and that they will have to kill them. She tries to comfort him but the moment is interrupted by the return of an injured Marcos who shares what has happened and swears vengeance on the people trying to take his family away.

Reed and Lauren get back safely. Reed meets with Caitlin privately and admits how his powers are returning and is guilt-ridden over having accidentally destroyed the file department that had information on the Inner Circle as well as his wedding ring. Caitlin is upset at him for not having told her the truth immediately since he first started getting headaches about six months ago when Andy first left. Reed apologises again and Caitlin hugs him while Lauren watches through the window of the room, relieved hat her family is on the mend.

Lorna holds Dawn while shaking the rattle Marcos made. Reeva instructs the Frost Sisters and Lorna that they need to get to work to start a revolution.

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