The Gifted S02E04 "outMatched" Recap

Sixteen years ago Caitlin was advised to terminate her pregnancy of Andy at five months due to unfortunate complications that threatened both her and his life. She refused to do so, despite the risks.

In the present, Reed and Caitlin talk to Lauren about her dreams and that Reed intends to reach out to John for guidance regarding his powers. Lauren shares that she believes her dreams are telling her that she needs to be the one to bring Andy home. Marcos advises the Truckers that Andy is a true believer of the philosophies of the Inner Circle and how even Lorna told Marcos to his face that she loved him but that what they were doing is more important. Caitlin still won't give up on her son. The Underground decides to seek out the hacker Wire for help again. Reed pulls John aside and tells him about his powers manifesting again and is worried that the powers are destructive. John warns him that the thing he needs most is training but when Reed learns that his powers are connected to his deepest emotions he seems interested in trying something like anxiety medication as a temporary fix until he can figure out a better solution.

Marcos, Clarice, and John head off in search of Wire again but John gets shot by a mutant inside. His name is Graph and he is Wire's brother. He informs them that Wire was killed so they kidnap Graph as he's the only other hacker they know.

Jace tries and fails to get back in touch with his wife, who isn't speaking to him after he went back on his word and pursued the mutants anyway. He gets a call from a police officer that overheard what Jace was staying at the station. They arrange to meet in person to discuss the mutants.

When Graph wakes from being knocked out he refuses to help the Underground. Caitlin deduces that Graph is addicted to Kick and exports this to force him to help despite the ethical implications of this, shocking Lauren. Graph gives in and helps them learn that the Inner Circle is attacking an old mental hospital that Lorna was held in many years ago. Lauren, Marcos, John, and Clarice leave together to go stop them.

Jace finally manages to reach his wife on the phone and she says that she is leaving him for good, despite his protests for her to stay.

Sage blocks Graph's hacking attempts, prompting Caitlin to dose him with a pharmaceutical equivalent of Kick to get him back on track in his effort. He nearly overdoses as a result. Reed and Caitlin call the team to warn them that Lorna is at the hospital which is attempting to evacuate the staff. John and Clarice go into the hospital and are horrified by the conditions they find the patients in. Outside, Marcos expresses his concerns about Andy's philosophical stance and the magnitude of Reeva's power. Lauren remains certain that she can break through to Andy.

Jace meets with the police officer who confesses that he's in the Purifiers, an anti-mutant hate group. They wants him to join but Jace is reluctant, believing the group to be too extreme for him to be a part of.

John and Clarice finally encounter Lorna, who releases all the patients in order to create chaos so she can escape. Caitlin tells Marcos and Lauren where to find Andy and Lorna since they're heading to a truck around back and loading up a specific patient they were after. Marcos and Lorna get in the path of the oncoming truck and Lauren insists that she do this herself. She uses her powers to stop the car, forcing Andy to get out and confront her directly. She tells him it's not too late and he tells her to get out of the way. She mentions the dreams, and he seems surprised to learn that she's having them too. Andy appears momentarily, secretly conflicted about having to fight his sister but is enraged when she says that he's scared. He uses his powers against Lauren and causes a blast that sends her and Marcos flying back. Lauren is knocked unconscious as a result and though he still seems somewhat conflicted he gets back into the truck and leaves with the Inner Circle.

Reed is shocked by Caitlin going so far with Graph, whom she had to save from a heart attack. Reed pushes Caitlin to accept that the surveillance footage they watched showed Andy smiling and happily working with the Inner Circle. They then learn that the hospital staff have gone on television and confessed to inhumane treatment of their patients. The attack is perceived a rallying point in favour of mutant rights. Reed and Caitlin learn from John of their failure to get Andy back and that Andy injured Lauren in the attack. This causes Reed's powers to aggressively manifest again despite his attempts to take anti-anxiety medication to stop them.

Jace sees the news story about the attack on the hospital and decides to join the Purifiers.

In the truck, the patient that was taken by the Inner Circle slowly sits up.

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