The Gifted S02E05 "afterMath" Recap

Twelve years ago, Jace was just starting off as a cop. His partner unlawfully harassed a mutant and Jace disapproved of this. But when the cop explains to Jace about prior incidents with mutants, Jace decides to go along with it.

Lauren is brought back with the other mutants following the hospital conflict. Caitlin wants to stay with Lauren and tend to her but Reed assures her he can look after her and encourages Caitlin to go help the other injured mutants being brought in. She asks John for answers about what went wrong with the plan and he promises that they all did theist they could and that they will continue to work and find a way to save their loved ones.

Andy still feels guilty about injuring Lauren but Lorna assures him that he did what he needed to and that he pushed only as hard as he needed. The mission was a success. The new patient they took is named Rebecca/Twist and she is highly traumatised from her time in the hospital. She is unresponsive to their attempts to interact with her. Andy says it makes sense after how she was treated, and even the Frost sisters shudder at seeing her thoughts. The Inner Circle plans to use Rebecca in the larger plans they have. The group first needs to test her powers but she refuses to do so. Andy is disapproving of how they speak to her, and tells the Frost sisters and Lorna that they're not going to win her over by speaking to her like she's a weapon instead of a person. He gets permission to talk to her, as they have nothing to lose by him doing so.

Marcos and Clarice head into the sewers to meet with Erg in the hopes that he'll take in the new mutants so they can hide with the Morlocks. Erg agrees to take them but only under the condition that they will each bran an "M" mark into their cheeks. Marcos is disgusted by this sentiment.

Caitlin and the other medical staff struggle to treat a patient whose blood and skin are acidic. They need to decompress his lung and John insists on doing it since the other doctors can't press into his skin without permanent injury. John injures his hand but he saves the patient's life. Afterward, Caitlin treats his hand so it can heal properly, aided by his super strength. John admits to her that he feels guilty for failing mutants he was supposed to lead and save. Caitlin assures him that he's done his best  and they're interrupted by the man, Michael, who wakes after his treatments. He and John bond over their shared time in the military. Michael tells them about the patient the Inner Circle took, Rebecca. He's also able to tell that a psychiatrist named Doctor Taylor worked with them and was kinder than the others before passing out from his injuries.

Andy visits Rebecca in her room and speaks to her kindly, explains to her why he likes being in the Inner Circle. He begins to bounce a ball against the wall and she turns it inside out, revealing her power to him. He introduces himself and she does the same.

Jace attends his first meeting with the Purifiers who declare their intention to take to the streets and enact violence. Jace says that fighting pro-mutant protesters will only make themselves look bad. He proposes that they use their man-power to track down the mutant fugitives that had escaped from the mental hospital to legitimise themselves as an organisation and present themselves as part of the solution.

Rebecca goes with Andy walk around the facility and when she observes the window, she says that she's trading one entrapped location for another. He offers to take her outside and she eagerly agrees. Lorna encounters them on the way out and pulls Andy aside to say it's a bad idea to expose her to too much so soon after coming out of the hospital. Andy reminds her that Rebecca needs to feel free if she's going to be part of their cause. Lorna relents and Andy takes Rebecca outside.

The Purifiers attack the clinic that Caitlin is working in, following Jace's suggestion of trying to find where the fugitives may have sought medical treatment. The men, including Jace, barge into the clinic while Caitlin and John have brought many mutants to hide in the basement. Caitlin is shocked to see Jace on the surveillance feed.

Andy and Rebecca are enjoying a lunch out together and Rebecca agrees to join the Inner Circle. She then sneaks with him while she turns a police car inside out. She pushes him to do the same and he uses his powers to further destroy the car. When they return to the Inner Circle, Rebecca kisses Andy in the elevator on the way up. Upon meeting Lorna and the Frost sisters, Rebecca asks them to tell her about the mission she's to be a part of.

Jace notices the gurney that held the acidic man and interrogates the doctor. A Purifier viciously beats the doctor until Jace stops him. The Purifiers are forced to flee when they hear the sounds of sirens coming. John is angry when he learns that Michael and Caitlin conspired to let Michael die when John was insisting on exposing himself to go upstairs to find more supplies to treat Michael.

Erg gives Clarice her name, "Blink," and encourages her to not hide who she is.

Finally, Jace is shown to have taken some documents from the clinic and calling up the Purifiers with the intention of hitting 'them' where they live.

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