The Gifted S02E07 "no Mercy" Review

An important insight is offered into Reeva's origins and current motivations. Eight years ago she was of the philosophy that mutants and humans sould work together in harmony. But when some humans murdered one of her mutant friends right in front of her, things took a darker turn. Now she has been dating Quinn, an employee of the bank the Inner Circle is set to rob. Though it's all part of the plan she does have genuine feelings for him. It brings a context to her actions and plays right into the nuance that has been one of the strongest aspects of "The Gifted" since it first premiered.

There's also a growing division among the various groups, further enhancing the aforementioned nuance. Rebecca brutally murders the humans at the bank after the mission is completed, shocking everyone else from the Inner Circle, including Reeva. As a powerful, sociopathic child unaware of the larger plans at hand it's an impulsive move that's bound to trigger countless consequences for all parties working to further their own agendas.

Reed is still struggling to get control over his powers but Caitlin and Lauren are unwavering in their support of him. He is brought to abandoned clinic and Caitlin convinces him to visit his father's old assistant Madeline in the hopes of finding answers. It's a refreshing development to see this family unit working together more cohesively after weeks of rough patches caused by the loss and pursuit of Andy.

The philosophical rifts are also kicking off in the Underground, as the others learn about Clarice teaming up with Erg. She makes it clear that she was feeding him information in order to help John but he's still displeased with their collaboration. The evershifting orientations of people working together is another part of what keeps the series fresh and exhilarating to watch. Even Jace is now willing to go against the SS and expose their wrongdoings, all in the hopes of getting his wife back after she filed for divorce. Things are escalating fast and we'll eagerly tune in to see how these things get resolved... or don't.

The Gifted airs on Tuesdays on FOX at 8/7c.


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