Titans S01E06 "Jason Todd" Review

In true "Titans" form, the character focus has shifted once again. As the show and DC comics in general has a wealth of characters to work with, the evershifting content keeps the viewing experience dynamic and the world-building fresh. Jason Todd is the new Robin and the contrasts between him and Dick are repeatedly highlighted. Where Jason loves being Batman's sidekick, Dick takes a knife to his own arm to dig out a tracking device he didn't realise Bruce had put into him. Dick has taken up job as a police officer, whereas Jason's disdain for cops is so severe that he brutally beats up a batch of them at the episode's conclusion. This difference in philosophies speaks to a deeper and nuanced exploration of the Robin mythology. 'Robin' is not just one person, just as each of the DC characters are not obligated to exist as fixed entities, given the constant re-telling and new stories that have been created for them over the years.

What Jason Todd brings to the fold in relation to Dick is a contrast to what had otherwise been a darker live-action interpretation of the character. Dick has continued to grapple with the traumas of his past and the lack of health coping mechanisms. But having found a new family (albeit reluctantly) in the Titans, already he is starting to evolve and grow in his emotional development and maturity. From his private conversations with Kory, to the paternal care-taking energy he displays towards Rachel and Gar, the development of his character is truly picking up steam. Having explored more of his past, from his childhood to his time with Batman, now is the time for the show to jump back into the group dynamics. Based on previews of next week, it seems like this iconic foursome will have some serious foes to face off against together. We can't wait!

"Titans" airs on Fridays on DC Universe.


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