Manifest S01E09 "Dead Reckoning" Review

The mid-season finale of Manifest sees a number of developments and devastating ones at that. With Ben working harder than ever to unconver answers regarding the Singularity Project, people are going to get hurt. An explosion takes place that injures Jared, and Vance is apparently dead (though we never see a body so who know for sure...)

Ben and Grace ultimately decide that their marriage isn't working, a decision that feels a bit abrupt considering how hard they've been working with one another to resolve things since Ben's return. Perhaps the writers deem it better for dramatic effect that the two be separated while Ben pursues answers while Grace tends to the children.

It appears as if Michaela and Jared are closer than ever to finding their way back to one another. She is devastated by his injury in the explosion that occurred when the heroes were freeing the other flight passengers from captivity. She visits him in the hospital and when she wakes she offers to go get his wife and instead he asks her to stay with him.

The new mystery surrounds Autumn, who had claimed to be someone that escaped the Singularity Project. In the end, she is shown to be calling UDS and asking what they want her to do next, revealing she's not all that she seems. There's a significant lack of trust intertwined with the ongoing mysteries, that creates a nice tension to the story and its dramatic impact.

Manifest airs on Mondays on NBC at 10/9c.


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